Jim Miller Jim Miller
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When I started reading that first line, I had some confusion as to whether you were talking about the squirrel or the serpent. When I started out, I thought it was the squirrel. Do you know a way to make this clearer?

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Esperanza Virginia clarissa Esperanza Virginia clarissa
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The Serpent

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soul mates

This poem is dedicated to Valour, my missing snake

The serpent's glittering green gaze followed me
As I took a walk past its tree
I looked up at the branches
And saw the creature stalking a squirrel
Digging through its caches

It stared unblinkingly into the distance
Its eyes glinted like polished river stones
In those very eyes I saw inner beauty
But how could a beautiful creature
Be so alone? 1 comment

Isn't this the very creature
That represents evil?
Isn't this the very creature
That represents the devil?

Past fear and superstition  
I saw beauty and grace
In its movement
As the serpent slithered away

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