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Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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Afternoon Tea

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soul mates

A relaxing man becomes confused and somewhat agitated when a sudden gust of wind comes into his garden.

Reclining silent in my garden,
Sipping tea in the English summer sun
The wind begins to pour in,
Upturns my flowered mug!

Hungry as I am, I’m bitter to see
The image of my drizzle cake flying in to hit me.

Leaves are torn up in tornados
Trying too to take my trees although
Thankfully their roots are deep,
Deep beyond the topsoil
Fastened on the ancient bedrock,
Nothing short of Armageddon could lift them
From their spot. On seeing this I think “Thank God”
Then stop myself, maybe not,
It’s Mother Nature beneath my feet,
She protects the Oaks and feeds me,
God brings the winds,
Turns rain to hail and binds
The land in ice,
These things he did at least in my mind, though maybe
Maddened by lost drizzle cake and tea,
I gave up my belief.

Sitting down I decided it was time,
Time enough had passed for me
To fall asleep.

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