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First two sentences. First appearances are important. Could you maybe find a way to combine those first two sentences into one. I think that there should be a way you could do it that would give you more "bang for your buck" initially. Something that would look and feel better and be a little more interesting.

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I wrote this after reading Elie Wiesel's, "Night."

      Elie confesses in the book that the only reason that he is still alive is because of his father. There would be no book if it wasn't for his father. Elie would be one of the six-million jews that died in the holocaust. Elie would be one of the names engraved into a wall somewhere as a memorial for all the men and women who died in the war. Another name on a wall.
I don't feel like much separates Elie from any of the other Jews who died in the holocaust. I’m sure that there are other stories to be told. Stories with more happy endings. What separated Elie from the rest of the survivors is that he has a message. Elie wants to rid the world of the disease of indifference that plagues society today. Indifference is the reason that many things happen in the world today. Indifference is the reason that there are poor people on the streets, people who are starving, people who are getting racially profiled. Nobody has enough guts to go and back people like that up because the situation doesn't affect them directly.
       Imagine this, you’re on your way to work in the morning and you turn on PBR to see what is happening on planet earth. There is a politician that wants your vote, there is a new iPhone which is making the world go insane, and there is a strange disease that killed 13 people in India. Within a week you learn that the disease has now claimed the lives of over 130 people and it has spread to China. In another week it has spread to Japan, Russia, Italy, and England. A day later it has claimed the lives of 13,000 people and the president of France makes an announcement that shocks the whole world. France has closed its borders.
The disease quickly spreads all throughout Europe and Asia. Several countries have closed their borders, including America. Five days later America is in an uproar. There is a woman in Chicago laying in a hospital bed with symptoms of the disease. America has come in contact with the disease.
       Hundreds of thousands are dying daily from the disease and the number grows by the minute. Over one-million people have died in the week due to the disease just in America. The government is working on medicines to counter the disease but nothing is working. Suddenly the government calls for a nationwide blood sampling. You, your wife, and your seven year old child go off to the hospital.
       They take small blood samples first and tell you to wait in the parking lot. There are over five-thousand people out there with you. Suddenly, a doctor comes out yelling a name and waving a paper. Your child squeezes your hand and says, “Thats my name, thats my name.” You run up to the doctor and say, “The name you are calling is my childs, what’s the matter?” Nurses are coming out smiling and crying tears of joy. The doctor takes you into a room and tells you that they need your son to give blood because his blood contains the cure to the disease that ravages the nation today. You ask what the risks are, suddenly the doctors face becomes worried. A bead of sweat runs down his face. The doctor says, “We didn't think that the donor would be a minor... we’re sorry but he will die to save the lives of all the people on earth.” You feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. You faint and wake up where you think you fell asleep. “We need you to sign this” says the doctor when you wake up. It is a form that states that there was parental consent to let your child donate his blood. You’re numb. You immediately say no and walk out of the door. There is a mob of sick people that cheer when they see you. When they see the look on your face they know what happened. They are angry. They start crying again. You go in and sign the paper and faint again.
Nobody cared what you had to sacrifice. Nobody put themselves in your shoes. You spend your life wondering if there could have been some other way. You feel like you’ve killed your only child. Nobody asks how you feel. Everybody is happy while you are sad. The world rejoices while you weep. The world is indifferent.
       Indifference has killed your son and your soul. Nobody asks how you feel. Nobody cares about your feelings. Everybody cares about the disease. Nobody knows the sacrifice you had to make. Nobody will ever feel pain like you. Nobody will care.
Indifference killed the Jews. Not the Germans. The Jews were slaughtered by the masses of people that didn’t care if they died or not. The Jews were killed by the people that asked themselves “How does this directly affect me?” When the Jews cried, the masses smiled. Nobody asked about saving the Jews in Auschwitz. Everybody asked about saving their brothers, sisters, and fathers in the war. How selfish are we to have a mind that is set this way? How are we the good guys? What gives us the right to think this way? Why don't we weep at others struggles.
       Indifference is neither feeling nor emotion. Indifference is a disease. Indifference can be spread just like any other virus. Indifference can make healthy, strong men as weak as ants. Anybody is susceptible to this disease. Nobody is immune to it. You, the reader, and I, the author, are both victims of indifference. Even Elie Wiesel, the man who speaks out against indifference has felt it many times in his life.
There may be many feelings and emotions that men and women can feel, but indifference is not one of them. Indifference is a disease. There is no cure. Indifference will always be on this world. 1 comment

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