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Braden Fritsche Braden Fritsche
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I believe in Art.

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Short "I believe" story.

      Being a guitarist myself, I was going to make this essay titled, “I believe in music”. I changed my mind over the weekend when I realized that there is so much more than that. There are millions of songs, but there are a trillion pieces of art. So this is why I decided to write my paper about art. Music, paintings, dance, they’re all art.
       Art cannot only entertain you, it can change the way you think and feel. I’ve seen music change someones mood from happy to sad, and vice versa. People hear or see artwork that can literally change their view on things. Da ‘Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Pachelbel’s canon in D are both pieces of art. Although these are two different types, they are both made by artists, and they both make you feel something when you experience them. Pachelbel makes me feel a transition between serenity, and rage. The transitions in the dynamics of Canon in D make me feel like there are two opposing sides to the song. Although there are no lyrics, there is meaning and feeling.
       Both of the previous works of art were made by artists. One of which, lived in the golden age of art. Leonardo Da ‘Vinci was an artist. Pachelbel was an artist. Our whole world is bound together by art. Things you hear, see, and occasionally find were all made by artists. The artwork that each artist makes has a slight touch of individuality that no other artist, no matter how similar, can replicate. Each artist has his or her own signature style of art. For visual artists it could be frescoes, charcoal, animated, abstract, or brushstrokes. For musical artists it could be bluegrass, classical, rock, metal, or country. Music divides itself into categories and it’s up to the artist to find out what he likes, and how he can contribute to the art himself.
       What I find amazing about art is that it expresses the own artists feelings, and when put on display it can make someone else understand what that particular artist is feeling. Some say that actions speak louder than words. I find this statement to be true although I believe that art speaks louder than actions. The phrase says, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I oddly find it disturbing that they called it “A picture”.  Pictures are so much more than just pictures. Pictures are memories, feelings, beliefs, events, and emotions all wrapped into one piece of art that can be unsurpassed by nothing. No matter the skill of the artist, or the amount of experience the artist possesses, art is feeling. Art is emotion. Art is expression.
       A true artist should learn to respect all kinds of art. How is an artist going to learn if he sticks to his one form of music that he likes? I know that I have said that an artist should find his form of art that he likes which is true, but he should also open his eyes and take pieces of other artists work to contribute upon his own. If you only listen to metal, you know how to thrash. If you only listen to classical, you know how to be graceful. These two are both amazing skills to have, but it will be the only thing you know. If you learn both, you could create something such as a great like Canon in D. Rage and serenity together are a beautiful thing.
       So I believe in art; both the musical and visual versions. Each artist will have his own form of art that he likes, but there are many forms of art that an artist should learn to respect. Expression comes with art which helps me display my own feelings. There are many painters, guitarists, and pianists out there, but artists are a dying breed.

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