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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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If I Wrote a Song

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soul mates

Just a little something that came to me in a flash. It was a moment similiar to that feeling one gets as you see a familiar face in a passing bus. It`s there for a brief flicker in time and then it`s gone forever.

There was a time
not so long ago
that I thought
if I wrote a song
just maybe
the world would stop
just long enough to listen
and perhaps my words
might make a difference
in someone`s life

Oh, well
I was
only dreamin`
but then, again
that`s just what
us dreamers do

What if
words could
make a difference
what if one
could touch
and melt the stony heart
what if words could stem the
irresistable tide
of unreason

What if I could
feed this starving old world
or what if I could
somehow warmly
the homeless
with my song

Is ``if``
really for children?
if it is
then I`m afraid my
song may
remain unsung
for many
years to come.

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