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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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Thank you Texas!

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soul mates

to my friend who put me up in Austin, Texas

Thank you Texas, specifically Austin.
I went down to visit an old childhood friend of mine,
On this trip not only have I met nice people but bonded more with my friend,
we got matching tattoos on our shoulders (my mom is going to faint when she see's)...
I got my nose pierced.
I've been quite the rebel but in all seriousness I have wanted my nose pierced since high school,
I cried and screamed during it,
the poor artistic didn't know what to do with me.
Those girls I watched on youtube didn't even flinch. But me? Oh I did the works.
The tattoo on the other hand, didn't make a peep.
We got doves with a heart on the wing. They came out really nice...
I have grown on this trip. Matured if you will,
even though I did 2 crazy things. I feel like this trip changed me,
for the better,
and even though I can't wait to get home and cool down in the great Northwest,
and see B. I am enjoying myself in the heat.
I only have a few more days here,
then its back home.
But overall,
Thanks Austin and my friend.
For making spring of 2013 memoriable forever. 1 comment

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