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Nicholas Morin Nicholas Morin
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Sunsets and...

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She had a friend.

This is an early attempt at a romantic sort of story. Romance not being my strongest topic to write about.

As the sun began to settle beyond the edge of the horizon, soft shadows trailed their ways across her delicate face. She laid there comfortably in his arms, no worries to her name.
They sat beneath the tree that as children provided a home for their games and merriment.

Years had passed now and much had changed between the children that grew up being close friends. Many had moved away years ago, some had grown apart early on, and others now just couldn't be bothered with what use to be. But here these two sat, closer now than they ever had been before.

Time had forged a bond that neither would have expected in their youth. He saw her now as he always knew her to be. She was fair, soft, gentle, and the most beautiful woman he had ever known. He felt himself the happiest man with her in his life, and he was never prepared to let her go...
How now, could he break the news of what was coming?

The letter had arrived the morning before and he had not yet built the courage to tell her. He told himself that he would spend the most perfect day with her in hopes that it could lessen the blow when he finally shared the sad truth.

Now that day was coming to an end and he could still not find the strength in his heart to shatter the reality of what they had together.He sat there in silence, holding her close and in his heart during what may be their last sunset together.


The sun was setting now, casting such beautiful colours across the sky, marking the end of a perfect day. She laid within his tight embrace, feeling a comfort and happiness she knew could only ever be felt with him. Fate brought them together years ago as children beneath the same tree they now huddled under. She marveled at how large the tree had grown alongside them. It stood in her mind as a testament to the bond the two shared with one another. In an ever changing world, it was a constant she recognized would always be the same.

If not for this tree, she would perhaps be afraid to share the news with her lover of what was about to come into their lives. A baby was now on its way, and their family was about to begin. She had to wait for the perfect moment to tell him. That moment would come tonight, she knew. But for now, she wanted just one last sunset before their lives changed forever.

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