Davide Castel Davide Castel
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love this last paragraph!

Harry Wells Harry Wells
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In its very special way this is quite beautiful. A lovely philosophy, Jim. The penultimate verse is wonderful in its optimism. I like the alliteration in the 4th and 7th lines. The lines 'He gropes forward etc are lovely.

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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The Human

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soul mates

See us course through the heavens of timeā€¦mankind
At once, ruthless and exalted
Sometimes formidable and cruel
Sometimes beautiful and sublime
Always awesome
The glory and the fear generated by our collective consciousness
yields art and war, culture and crime, beauty and terror 1 comment

We are composed of billions of individuals
Pinpricks interspersed through the ages,
Brief flashes of light
restless in our determination,
and falling headfirst into ourselves
Stepping rearward to the drumbeats of oppression and want
Attempting to overcome the shackles of existence
Too many, there are, desiring to be called master
Too many hoping to be labeled wonderful 2 comments

Striving to remember the memories of our past,
and straining to capture the imaginings of what will be
Let us run the race set before us

We must find the one that composes the many
Unique and precious
Blessed with a likeness of the Almighty
yet shriveled short of such glory and atrophied
Nonetheless, he walks forward, upward, and onward
Ever hopeful that the truth will find him in his struggling
Mindful that the masses threaten to crush him
He gropes upward through the restricting melee,
to the surface, where he glitters like new fallen snow in the brilliant sun

A priceless snowflake among the masses, different yet the same
Patterned with color and form, abilities and gifts
Ready to stand, sparkling like a diamond
The one amongst the many
The human 2 comments

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