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Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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The Spider's Prey

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soul mates

Its ten o’clock, the night is young, but
As usual, already, I’m spider-spun,
Brain drawn out in a network of neurons,
Trapped in a loop, doomed as a caught fly,
Choking on gossamer strands and suffering,
Struggling to breathe, and then,
The spider approaches.

I can’t see her
Though I know she’s there,
I feel her fangs caress my hair,
Preparing to finish me off,
Until a flash of human cruelty
Causes her to stop,
And still, I’m wrapped in place- this is her game,
She’ll let me starve and go insane,
Then cut my body loose and watch me sway before I fall,
Once a person, now nothing at all.

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