Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

if I carried "on" forward.

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

It appeeared to have been opened recently.

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
Recommendations: 21

I placed my hand on the worn handle. Worn also suggests an aged appearance.

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Nicholas Morin Nicholas Morin
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Guilt of Horrors

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She had a friend.

This is another early piece of mine. Like my other story Play Things, it is written as more of a thought process opposed to being separated into proper paragraphs.

My eyes opened slowly as light began to shine forcefully on my face. I continued to blink my eyes and felt them widen slightly more each time. I lifted my arm to shield the beams from my sight; it felt heavy. I then shot straight forward from where I laid, startled from my recent state of unconsciousness. 2 comments

Where was I? My eyes continued to strain themselves as they attempted to pierce the darkness beyond the wall of light that met my vision. It shone only on my place of rest through an open hole in the ceiling.

I felt cold and confused; I was covered in a cool sweat. How had I gotten here? My body felt weak and my head throbbed endlessly. I turned to the side of the table I found myself sitting on and placed my feet cautiously upon the floor. I raised my hands to my face to brush the fatigue from my composure.

Surprise then took its place on my visage. My hands had been stained red by means of which I could not recall. I jumped to my feet at the sight of it. I searched myself for any wounds or sign of injury but failed to locate any indication that I was hurt.

I felt relieved to think that perhaps it was not blood. Then I saw the knife.

Once past the shield of light, my eyes began to adjust to my dark surroundings. It laid there plain to see on the floor across the room, drenched in what I could no longer deny to be blood.

I felt sick. I had to find my way out. I stumbled at first with my steps for I had not realized how weak I truly was. Whatever brought me here had taken its toll on my body. I made my way past the stained blade to the door just beyond it.  

The short distance felt much greater than I knew it to be. It proved a challenge to walk forward. I found myself suddenly fearing what may lay on its other side, but I had to know. I had to get out.

I leaned myself against the door listening for any sounds. After what felt like a long while there was still only silence. Placing my hand on the handle I felt more blood meet with my fingers. There was no reason to turn back now for I had too many frightful wonders.

In a brief moment of courage, I turned the handle quickly throwing open the door with all the force I could muster. I had no idea what exactly it was that I expected to find, but I prepared myself for a lot more than what was there.

Through a long, dark and dusty hallway echoed the sound of the door meeting the wall behind it. It felt familiar. My first steps were hesitant but I eventually found my pace.

I looked to the walls and saw trails of bloody hand prints; smears and stains of some horrific crime leading to the room from which I just emerged.

I thought only of how I could have done this. There could be no other reasoning given what my senses presented me. I would find no retribution. I was sure.

The hall was barren, save a rat that scurried past my feet. It caused a break in my focus long enough for me to be startled. I jumped back, nearly falling over myself.

I took a moment to think about what was happening. It all felt surreal. What had I done? What kind of person must I be? I had no memory of where I was or how I arrived here. The answers would present themselves if I carried on forward; or so I told myself. 1 comment

Still weak, I found it hard to start walking again but I drew strength from my wonder of what remained to be seen.

I soon found myself presented with another door.

It was large and painted a dark grey. It stood as a last line of defense hiding from me the fruits of my devilish acts. The floor below it was cleared of the same layer of dust that blanketed the entirety of the hallway. It had been opened recently. 1 comment

I placed my hand on the old and worn handle. I felt more blood. I gripped it tight, assuring myself that I was prepared for it. I turned the handle and began to pull. The door was as heavy as it looked. 1 comment

I was soon on its other side and my fears were realized to their most grizzly extents.
The body lay there in a pool of its own blood. Its face turned away from me. Its long blond hair sprawled out like roots drenched in muddied waters. Who was she? What had I done? What could I do now? 1 comment

I fell hard upon my week knees. My hands fell blunt beside me. My eyes were wide and I felt lost.

I do not know what came over me but I felt the need to turn my head. I saw it hanging from the rafters, a chair neatly set in place beneath it.

Not far from where the young woman laid, was a noose so eagerly awaiting me. I had left myself a way out. I had left myself a means to make up for my crimes. I didn't think twice.

I found my last ounce of strength within one breath. I stood again, and proceeded to my redemption.

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