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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Face in the Mirror

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soul mates

Do ghosts really believe in people?

Are you real?
or are you a figment
a fractured piece
of history
imbedded deep
like something
a surgeon
absentmindedly forgot
to remove
like a shard
of glass
the face
in the mirror

I thought I saw
you once
in a misty corridor
of my jaded mind
do you exist?
or do you
just toy with my mind?
just to see how far
I`ll go to allow you
to see me?
the things
which you
lightly dismiss
are more tangible than
the reality
you bet your life on
I`m the man in the mirror

You don`t seem
to be aware
that there are
things which are
The Great Beyond
I know
I`m the man
in the glassy sea
the living epiphony
of the past
of Me

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