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Mere Poulard Mere Poulard
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soul mates

Condensed humidity, the salty beads of sweat
Rolled down our foreheads
As we sweltered and felt faint,
Looking for the world like any other tourists,
Snapping pictures, breaking the tension between two continents
with our Kodaks,
Wondering aloud to total strangers about ice cream prices and rock formations,
We each carried a utility rucksack filled with provisions
and gripped our lukewarm bottled water, remembering the sage advice board:
Stay hydrated, stay indoors around midday.
Don’t hike without experience.
Beware of rattlesnakes!
I read the last sign to everyone,
Every word full of delighted excitement,
No hint of apprehension,
No sense of danger.

The rattlesnake was an advertisement,
Another exotic invite to step into the unknown,
And really, who could have known,
With our rucksacks bulging and sweaty skin glowing,
That just three out of four would go home?

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