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Nicole Martinez Nicole Martinez
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"True" Friendship

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      I don’t get it. You give someone your attention whenever they need it. Whenever they want to talk to you, you’re there. Always keeping your phone by you in case something happens  and they need a friend to talk to. You would listen to their same pointless crap over and over again, deal with their constant stubbornness of not telling you what’s wrong with you prying at them carefully, try not to explode at them when they get pissed at you for asking so many questions or saying the wrong thing, just because you want them to lean on you instead of them being alone. But then when they explode at you and you say you’re sorry, they don’t care. They don’t care if they hurt you or left you or if they say mean things that sting. They will just ditch you then let your thoughts eat at you. Or even worse,  you text them, hoping they will listen just like you did but they don’t. They judge and say they are disappointed or ashamed of you, listen for about two minutes or change the topic back to them. Then you have to act like everything is fine and you were just overreacting and then listen to them whine about their almost perfect life.
       You call them your friends but are they really your friends? Would friends just blow off everything you say because they have something to say which is apparently always more important? Would they explode at you or shut down on you because you didn’t say exactly the right thing and then not apologize for it later? Would they let you carry their problems on top of yours and not make sure that all that weight plus other weight from other friends wasn’t too much for you? No, your true friends wouldn’t. If some friends do this then why are you still their friend? Because you care? Because you can’t ditch them, like you have been ditched so many times? Because you don’t have the heart to be mean to them? News flash, they aren’t your true friends. Ditch them. Find friends who actually care for you and your well-being no matter what has to happen for you to be okay. And don’t become like the friends you just ditched to your new, true friends. Be a true friend. Actually use your head and think about who truly cares about you.

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