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Liz Franco Liz Franco
Recommendations: 3

The Devil's Flame Prologue

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

      In this world, not known to you or I. Lives the Warriors of the Flame. All children of the Flame start with snow-white hair. Only their eyes different colors. When born they learn and train in combat. When they turn 15 one of the Flame will choose them as their own. The flames vary in color; orange, yellow, and green are given to nobles. Blue, purple, pink, white, and black are given to those of a lower class. Which ever flame chooses them, they will get that color power. Their hair will change from its plain white to any color. When the Flame has consumed a child, the child will be able to do many things with their fire. Some helpful and some deadly. This story starts in the Kingdom of the Brave, in the city of Harborstale. Where the King is waiting...

       The King paced around the room, waiting for the Healer to return. His Queen has been expecting a baby. In the room with him, wearing beautiful flowing gowns, were his two daughters. Elaine had taken her mothers eyes, pure green, while her younger sister, Ashley, had blue eyes, much like his own. Both had shiny blonde hair that went down to their waists.
       "When will that blasted Healer get back here?" Elaine said, her voice cold like ice. "How long does it take for a baby to be born!?" She stood and made her way to where her mother was.
       "Elaine, I don't think you should-" Ashley started but held her tongue. Elaine stopped at her mother's bed. The Queen's face was sweaty with labor, but she held a smile on her face. Her mom, like her own, had beautiful green eyes with blonde hair.  Ashley slowly came to stand next to her older sister. In their mother's arms was a baby. Its hair was snow-white like all baby's were.
       "What shall we name her?" the Queen said looking to her daughters.
       "How about Isabella?" Ashley looked pleased about that name.
       "No, how about Heather." Elaine said glaring at her sister.
       "What about Russet?" The daughters stopped and looked at their mother. "She looks like a Russet. No?" The Queen stroked the baby's hair.
       "Russet is a beautiful name mother." The daughters said in unison. The Healer who was standing their thought: And here, a fighter is born...

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