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Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Impromptu Haiku

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soul mates

Impromptu Haiku on Nature and Love

Belfries of nodding foxgloves
Pealing in the wind.

Geese in their long skeins
Straight like arrows from the east
Loosed now from spring’s bow.

The dappled river
Babbles the sound of sunshine
To its pebbled bed

Slicing up the sky,
Swallows make a blue and white quilt,
A gift for their god.

A heron circles
Vainly over netted ponds
In search of Koi carp.

Let the day unfold.
Do not seize it by the ears,
Caress each moment.

We vow too fondly
Either side the kissing gate
Parting of the ways.

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