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Paul Day Paul Day
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Wake the Dead Men

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soul mates

I was inspired by all the activity on scribeslice this morning to write a simple piece of poetry expressing, among other things, the hope that we all need.

Wake the dead men from their graves,
wake the lost ones from their beds.
For a better day is upon us all,
a day that evil dreads.

Sing the songs you long to sing,
fill heaven with your words.
Bring music to the skies above
and join the chorus of the birds.

Wake from slumber all who grieve,
wake from difficulty and toil.
For a better time is nearing,
a time for happiness and joy.

Pray to God for mercy,
fill heaven with your lament.
Let your prayers ascend with hope,
to the one who Heaven sent.

Wake from terror and from strife,
wake from evil and from harm.
For a better future awaits us all,
at the seat of God’s right arm.

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