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Manya Mishra Manya Mishra
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Are we too risk-conscious these days?

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soul mates

HEy! I am back...

The world, you call too dangerous,
Have you experienced it to the fullest?
The world you call challenging,
Have you dared to take up every challenge?
The world, you call treacherous,
Have you known all its citizens?
Well, then I must say, that the world you name on your own,
Is a part, maybe only one-fourth.

Every step you take, you fear and you pray,
Every step you don’t, you've lost your way.

Life is like a mountain; when you are climbing it is difficult
For you head towards the skies, departing the ground.
Halfway from the bottom, towards the upward crown.
The threat in the mind fights against your dreams.  
Against all odds, if your passion is greater than the fear,
You can reach the top. Then the sight is exquisite and captivating.
What you see is divine and mesmerizing.
Another phase begins with the beginning of your descent.
It’s fearful to look earthward, so far and so appealing.
Again the gullible mind, gets frightened from nothing but the so called “It’s destiny.”
All through this, we forget to enjoy. Enjoy the triumph and enjoy the climb.

In the start, we decide to take the path.
It was our choice, to get to the top, and achieve our goal.
So why then in the medial of our journey, do we exhaust?
Why again we fear, I ask. It is due to our weaknesses, I doubt!
Are we too risk-conscious these days?

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