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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
Recommendations: 6

'Sunglasses, Time-Travel, & Iced-Tea' Part 7

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7. – John Wharton

John Wharton and Duncan were barely getting anywhere. Eventually, Wharton decided to text Imad, a professional engineer friend, and Duncan also ended up texting a few people out of boredom. Maybe other friends of theirs could help out too.

Brent hung around, having thrown his binoculars back into his yard, to watch everything with interest after Wharton curtly told him off for hanging over the yard in the tree. He saw that important things were happening, and he didn’t want to miss them.

       Wharton had even tried texting John, but it was no use. He was beginning to worry that they had travelled across a considerable amount of time instead of distance. The numbers on the alarm clock continued to blink randomly. The machine hadn’t stabilized.

“I’ve called a few friends in,” Duncan said helpfully. “Jason, Leonard and I know a lot of intelligent people.”

       “Well I hope so,” Wharton said. “I’ve got Imad on his way over, he’s an engineer.”

       “I wonder why you didn’t consult him first,” Duncan said in wonder.

Just then, the side gate opened, and several people walked through into Wharton’s backyard from the street outside, entering the heavy air. Thickly, one yelled, “Duncan! John! What’s going on, what’s happened? Where did Leonard and Jason go again?”

       “Come out of there, we’re in here,” Duncan said. He recognized them as Martin Essemby, Benny Lee, Timothy Knowles and Dean Marshall.

       “Oh, no,” John said ominously as he watched the alarm clock. “The numbers are speeding up.”

       There was a sudden flash from within the yard, and when it disappeared, the group lay on the ground, still.

       “Shoot. Something happened,” Wharton said. Why the group in the yard was suddenly in an unconscious state within the machine's range was yet another first he could never have anticipated.

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