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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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'Sunglasses, Time-Travel, & Iced-Tea' Part 11

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11. – Leonard

       To hear that these people were in essence the individuals behind our entire adventure thus far was, well, the most preposterous thing I’d ever heard, but preposterous things being heard were common for me, and my ears were getting sore by this point.

       In the beginning, we were just testing out a converter for time and space that also acted as its own teleporter. It had ended with us being captured within the machine’s use by this iced-tea-drinking debate group and sent through an emotional and sentimental journey. I was not particularly happy with this, but I knew there was nothing I could do other than wear my Ray-Bans; these people obviously controlled the way of things, so all I could do was go with the flow.

       “I’ve got to stop volunteering for experiments and examples so much,” John admitted next to me.

       “Do you guys interview other people,” Brian asked.

       “On the contrary,” Benny said, “we talk to everyone.”


       “By various methods. But that’s our concern. Your concern right now is the future.”

       Tim stood up and said, “On behalf of the High Society of Iced-Tea Drinkers, I will be sending you onwards to several other times and places before resuming your original test run on your converter device. These places you will be sent to will individually cause you to face your emotional dependencies.”

       “Uh-oh,” John said. Brian scratched his head.

       “Where are we going?” Jason asked uneasily. “What do you mean by ‘emotional dependencies?’ Are you going to send me to Mae?”

       Martin smiled. “You’ll see.”

       “Do not be afraid,” Benny said. “Love, and move on.”

       “And now,” Tim said, “The salute!”

       All four of them stood up, raised their glasses – and jingled their mixing spoons noisily inside the cups, as the entire scene faded to white.

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