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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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I Remember

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I remember when words came so easily
when I was a child I did not see the colour
of your skin or what you didn`t have in your lunch-pail
those were the days..a lost Shangrila in the mists of Time

I remember playing in mud holes
And digging trenches for make believe wars
I remember laying traps for our unknown enemies
And watching them slowly gather dust and fall apart

In grade three, I discovered paint, and all the colours poured
out of those tin cans and into my life.Crayons suddenly grew legs and hopped
aboard my paper floating boat which ran down gutterstream at lightning speed
And finally ended up shipwrecked by the mouth of a cruel ARTCRITIC...

I remember being bullied
And in turn bullying others
I remember trying too hard to make friends
And compromising my ethics in the process

He would always look over The National Enquirer
As if he knew how to read
My mind`s eye was blackened
By my father
After my real father died

1.I think there is problem with the sentence length- looks good if they are somewhat equal.
2.I remember playing in mud holes.There is sudden change to war and trenches.
3.shipwrecked by the mouth of a cruel ART CRITIC... needs revising
4.I remember- no need to remember- we know it is childhood memory.
5.smoked will look better under the circumstances you are describing.

I REMEMBER getting on my great Canadian toboggan holding tightly on the reigns and cutting loose down the slope at Little Red River Park!!!
In my mind, I was a princely nabob on a majic carpet ride
Conquering other worlds as I waved my Magic SCIMITAR slashing
Down my imaginary enemies, delighting to hear their screams of terror as I
Cut them down to size, just then, my mother calls me in for some din-din!!!
OH,JOY!!! THems were the daze!!!!

When i am an old man
sitting in my rocker
i will remember the good times i had
with Scribeslice
But for now, my friends,I am now considering
ending my contributions to this website
I am tired
One day, I will look back and say
I remember Scribeslice
because for a brief time
I thought that I could make
of my writing

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