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i should be Capital 'I'

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New York Love

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She had a friend.

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Looking in the mirror, I saw myself, older, more mature, and beautiful.  I had remembered my younger years like it was yesterday. I'd spend some time crying endlessly into my plush, cotton pillows, which had been stained with mascara.  My tears would fall for hours because of my lack of popularity, friends, or love.  No one besides my mother told me how beautiful I was, or how smart I seemed, so I never believed it.  Maturing into my later years, I never reflected back until now.  None of that mattered.  Love was so terse and had no meaning.  Friends were just distractions and procrastinations for schoolwork, and popularity was just a title.  Everything would change as I got older, and indeed it did.  I attended Northeastern University in Boston, where I experienced the greatest education, and met my incredible boyfriend Chase. He was the love of my life, the one I was sure to marry, and the best friend I'd never had.  Most importantly, he contained the love everyone envied.  Suddenly, there was a knock on my wooden apartment door.

"You look exquisite, Romera," Chase proclaimed as I opened the door.  He was eyeing my curvaceous body from head to toe.  

"Thanks, as do you!" I replied grabbing my humble, brown handbag and walked out the door.  


As we ambled down the dazzling streets of New York City, Chase held my hand.  It was a little moist from sweat, which was quite strange.  It wasn't too hot outside, actually, there was a slight breeze that sent goosebumps down my spine.  The dark sky of Saturday night beamed down onto Chase's richly dark hair making his face glow more than ever.

"Here we are, Atelier," Chase announced stepping into the expensive looking restaurant.  It was attached to the Ritz, which made me slightly uneasy.  The inside was glamorous, but I was a tad frightened that this place woud be too much out of Chase's price range.  Instead of mentioning it to him, the waiter escorted us to an elegant table setting, which contained red roses and already prepared food. 1 comment

"Oh my goodness. I'm speechless!" i admitted covering my mouth with my pale hand. Chase smiled placing a napkin onto his lap.  He signaled the manager for some champagne. 1 comment

"Do you like it Romera?" Chase asked reaching over the table for a quick smooch.  I nodded without hesitation and didn't stop once from smiling.  The manager returned making sure the champagne in his hands was pleasing.  Chase nodded and allowed the man to pour the sparkling liquid into special flutes. Afterwards, we raised our glasses and clinked them in hope for a great future.  Then we each took a sip.  As my lips touched the glass, I felt something weighty touch my mouth.  This was a bit odd.  As I swallowed the drink I stared into the flute to see what was dangling in there.  The champagne swished in between my teeth and soon the object became less obscure, it was an engagement ring. I glanced up into Chase's eyes, which were tear filled and nervous.  His fingers reached into my flute and retrieved the diamond ring.  He stood up then dropped to his knee.  All eyes of the restaurant were glowered on us.  I couldn't say one word.

"Romera, you are the sunshine of my day and the air in my body, both of those things I couldn't live without.  You are my best friend and make me feel not worthy enough to have such a strong and passionate woman like you.  I don't understand how such a beautiful, intelligent, and perfect lady walked into my life, I am the luckies man alive.  Would you make me the happiest person on this planet and take this ring? Romera Marie Landis, will you marry me?" Chase bellowed in between tears and anxious breaths.  My body was stinging with excitement and happiness.  Nothing was wrong in this world all of a sudden. 1 comment

"Yes! Yes, I want to marry you Chase!" I answered hearing the throng of the restaurant clap and whistle.  Chase placed the cold, and slightly sticky ring onto my finger and I leaped into his open arms. We kissed for what felt like hours and he held me in his arms shaking, both of us.  Tears streamed down my face, faster than when I was a young girl.  Chase's handsome face reassured me that this was reality and he wiped my tears.  He whispered in my ear.

"We are getting married!" I nodded and pecked him again.  


After a long dinner of steak and French side dishes, Chase brought me to a flower garden.  He said no one would come here at night, and it was the most romantic place in the city.  Chase positioned a red blanket on a bed of roses and snapdragons, which signified love and desire.  That was exactly what we both were feeling at that special moment.  Chase and I both lay down on the blanket and gazed up at the sight of flowers and a dark, starry sky.  Chase brought his hands to my waist and lay on his side.  He kissed me with his soft, pink lips and embraced my body with a warm hug.  I kissed him harder and more passionately signaling that I wanted to go further.  He removed his shirt, and assisted me in taking off my dress.  His strong hands moved all over my body and slipped into my lacy underwear.  His kisses were so romantic and lustful.  Chase's fingers twirled through my curly, golden hair.  His body pushed against mine, and I moaned in ecstasy.  Then we both started laughing.

"We're really getting married!" Chase and I said in unison.

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