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Dreyden Moonriven Dreyden Moonriven
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The Undertakings of Love: CHP 1 - A Trip to Silvermoon

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

      Aubrea giggled softly as she slipped through the halls, her limber body moved silently as she snuck to the library. Peering inside, she saw Arabellia sitting in a plush chair, a book in hand, her eyes held an upmost dreamy quality to them. Sighing in exasperation, Aubrea slipped into the room. "Why am I not suprised to find you here," she said, sitting on the arm of the chair as she tried to read the worn book over Arabellia's shoulder.
        "Stop that," Arabellia grunted, glaring as she shut the book hastily, placing it on her lap.
        "I had some things I wanted to read up on," she murmured, shifting her shoulder to avoid Aubrea's glare.
         Arabellia finally looked up at her sister. "What do you want," she asked, tilting her head, her dark emerald eyes watching Aubrea closely.
        "Oh nothing..." Aubrea whistled innocently, though a sparkle lit in her eyes.
        "I just wanted to see if you would like to take a ride down to the village," Aubrea asked, a wishful smile playing across her lips.
         Clearly she was thinking of the knight errant who had been hanging around her more and more lately...what was his name? Arabellia pondered as she thought hard to herself, "Oh yes...Silverbane."
        "Alright, alright," Arabellia said, as she clasped her crimson cloak around her shoulders, the white fur ruffling around her face as she pulled the hood up.
        "Let us go to Silvermoon City. I am in need of a few supplies anyhow."
         Aubrea grasped her own white cloak, the color pale in comparison to her crimson hair as she gave a small nod to her sister. Arabellia and Aubrea headed outside, their path leading them straight to the stables. Instructing the stable master to gather their horses, they mounted them and set out for the City. It had been a chilly morning, the crisp air tickled their nostrils as each abrupt breath was drawn in past their lips. Aubrea's eyes were distant, she was thinking of the boy she had strong feelings for, the impetuous and daring Silverbane. Arabellia, surprisingly, was thinking of a boy herself. She was never one to blurt such things out loud, but instead would hold them close to her heart. She smiled softly; her only apparent sign was when they rode past the cottage that Dreyden lived in, watching for movement, a sigh escaping as she saw no motion. He must have been out and it was this non existing movement that caused her to wonder, "Where could he be..."
         They had just made it inside the City limits when Aubrea split, Arabellia watching as her sister rode off toward the Barracks, where Silverbane was training. Not wanting to follow her sister like a helpless child, she turned her horse toward the bookseller. Her cloak brushed the ground softly as she slipped off her horse, making sure to tie her dear companion to a nearby wooden pole. She stepped toward the book store and gave the sturdy wooden door a push, smiling as she entered the darkened room. Feeling at home, she walked along each aisle, running her slender fingers along the books, perusing each one and carefully reading the titles as the tip of her finger absently passed them. Drawn to a dark colored book, her eyes widened. The spine of the book that now captured her gaze looked surprisingly newer than the rest as she pulled it out to get a closer look. She became so absorbed in reading the first few pages that she did not hear the whisper of robes rustling behind her. She did not feel the presence she had sought until a smooth, low voice crept from behind her left ear.
         "Hello, my dear."
         Arabellia's eyes widened in pleasure, letting her gaze become unreadable, she turned around. "Hello, Dreyden," she said quietly, letting her eyes drink him in.
         At eighteen years old, he was beginning to show promise of the man he was becoming. Standing to his full six-one height, his black hair spilled over his tight muscled shoulders to his mid-back. His handsome face was composed, watchful, light glimmered in the depths of his emerald eyes. Arabellia blushed at the sight of him, thankful that the darkened interior of the bookstore hid her reaction quite well. "What is this you have in your hands," Dreyden asked, looking down at the book curiously.
         "'Tis a book on witchcraft," she said softly before continuing, "on being a warlock."
         Dreyden's eyes widened in surprise. "You better know what you are getting yourself into. The Dealings of Warlocks are not to be taken lightly."
         As he spoke, he reached out, touching her hand lightly, his fingertips trailing down the front of the book as he did so. She looked into his eyes, startled, she nodded slowly as she began to speak. "Aye, I am aware. It's just I have had magical abilities for a very long time and I have been training so I can control the minions of the warlock."
         She smiled, her dark eyes lit up like gossamer ribbons. Dreyden was enchanted by her yet again; the beauty of her face, her dark emerald eyes drawing him in, grabbing fiercely at his soul. "You have great potential and I know it will not rule your life like so many others," he said, letting his finger float up from the bindings of the book to catch a trailing tendril of her hair.
         He could feel a slight trembling as his fingers touched her cheek, shaking his head, he pulled back. Could she be just as affected by his presence as he was hers? He shook his head wistfully: of course that could not be. They had grown up together over the years. Arabellia, Aubrea, Dreyden, and Talivan, all childhood friends. There was no way they could ever be more than just the good friends they were, though, Dreyden had been noticing how Aubrea and Talivan had been spending more and more time together. Their hands touching when they thought no other had noticed. If it was possible for them...maybe it was possible for him and Arabellia. Shaking his head from his dreamy state, he looked into her eyes, muttering softly as to keep quiet for the other shoppers. "I am sure you have heard about the deployment of the Warchiefs troops?"
         She nodded, looking into his eyes, she whispered,"You are going with them, aren't you?"
         He simply gave a nod at her words. "You know they need me."
         "Plus, there is no one to miss me should something happen," he stated, just as Arabellia reached out and slapped his cheek; surprise in her eyes after she did so.
         His eyes lit up in a fire that quickly banked, though startled more than angry, he questioned, "What was that for?"
         "Because Dreyden, you are a fool," she said hoarsely, her voice revealing more than she was aware.
          Dreyden, looking deeply into her eyes, only gave a nod. Stepping away from Arabellia, he turned to head out of the bookstore. Turning back for a brief moment, he called out, "I will be leaving in a weeks time with Talivan and Aubrea. We are to depart at Falconwing Square, I hope to see you there."
          "You best be careful. Do not let anything bad happen." (To you, dearest Dreyden), her mind silently cried out.
          To care about someone so much and to not know what would happen to them, it was a fate worse than death in her eyes. Yet, to voice such a feeling out loud was tantamount to saying, "I love you Dreyden." Because in her mind she could not love her best friend...could she? She shook her head. No...they were friends. If anything more was pursued, it could ruin what they had to start and she wanted nothing more than to have their friendship. It meant more than a relationship of the body to her. Arabellia sighed as she turned to place the book back into its original home. Her movement quite languid as she managed to exit the store. It was perfect timing as her sister Aubrea came to a halt on her steed. Aubrea noticed Arabellia's distant, pale glance and immediately became worried. "Bella..." she spoke softly, watching as her twin sister mounted her horse.
         "Are you alright?"
         Arabellia smiled a bright, fake smile, and nodded. "Indeed...let us go home. There is much to do to prepare you for your journey with the Warchiefs Regiment."

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