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Gabby Shultz Gabby Shultz
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I Wish

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soul mates

I hate the way you are with your friends
It's like I don't exist
My love for you is incomparable
At night I make a wish.

I wish you never saw that girl
I hope you wanted my heart
I wish you cried for me
The days when we're apart.

I wish you always looked at me
The way I always do
I wish you'd hug me round' the waist
And whisper 'I love you'.

I wish you'd dream at night
That it was just us two forever
Me and you against the world
We'd always be together.

I wish you'd say how beautiful I was
With red roses every day
I wish you'd kiss me softly
And I'd know it was okay.

I wish I could lay in your arms
And listen to your heart beat
The soothing sound of drums
Life would be so sweet.

I wish I was the one
That came over every night
Talked about our secrets
Until the sun shined bright.

I wish that you could call me
The best one of your friends
And when something was wrong
You knew you could defend.

I wish that you would hold me
Each time that I cry
Then wipe away my tears away
And never leave my side.

I wish that all my wishes
Would suddenly come true
Because the only thing I need
Is the one and only you.

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