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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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And I Prayed

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soul mates

This is for someone whom I have never met. Whoever you are out there, go easy. Live life serenely. Every moment, every breath, every heartbeat, is a precious gift.

Today as I was looking
in my garden
I thought of you
I felt stressed
within my spirit
and I prayed
for you

I saw a man
before his time
great pain in his heart
the load that he
is bearing
as he walks on
is a cross
that has
been carried

On his hill of green
chasing the white ball
into the sunset
and I prayed
for him
and I grieve
for him
he failed
to see
the sunset
and to love it
for what it is

Always chasing
after the wrong
in order to make
the mess go away
the I.R.S.
in hot pursuit
looking for
hidden coin
in his curiously
hidden life

When I heard
he was in trouble
I shut myself in
and I prayed for him
and hoped that
he would change his ways

When I heard the owl
call his name
outside his window
I prayed
that the evil bird
would go away
and come back
on a better day
and I prayed
for you, my friend
yes, I prayed
for you.

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