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Dreyden Moonriven Dreyden Moonriven
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The Undertakings of Love: CHP 2 - The Journey Begins

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

      Falconwing Square was bustling. There were women crying, men looking stoic as they prepared to go off to war. Aubrea and Talivan walked up to their respective steeds, checking the saddles and reins as most riders were doing. Dreyden looked around the crowd, at first he did not see Arabellia, and a frown curved his lips. He turned to adjust his steed's saddle, tying the gear down tightly as he shifted the bags ever so slightly. Hearing Aubrea cry out, he turned. Seeing Aubrea hugging first her mother and father, then her twin, Arabellia, he smiled secretly. Walking over to Talivan, he leaned closer and whispered, "Aren't they something?"

       Talivan looked at Dreyden, grinning, he gave a nod. "Aye, indeed. And if I can help it, Aubrea shall be mine by the time this war has played itself out."

       Dreyden looked to Talivan in surprise. "Oh, but what about your friendship? Are you not worried about it being affected in any way?"

       Talivan tossed his head back, laughing, he leaned forward to whisper, "Lord, cannot let life make you afraid to take chances. Aubrea...she is worth taking a chance."

       Talivan Silverbane licked his lips, his eyes lighting on Aubrea as he did so, a look of pure hunger in their depths. Dreyden looked to Arabellia, his eyes contemplative, he nodded slightly. "You may be right...but how to get the fire burning..." Dreyden murmured, as he walked over to the twin girls.

       Arabellia was hugging Aubrea by now, crying softly, she looked up to Aubrea. "You better be careful...and," she leaned forward, whispering something softly into her sister's ear.

       Aubrea's eyes widened, looking to Arabellia, she nodded solemnly. "I promise." Were the only words that reached Dreyden's ears.

       His ears perked, curiosity filling his gaze as he stepped up closer to Arabellia. He dared not admit even to himself, but he was fiercely glad to see Bella there. He wanted to have the chance to say his goodbye to her. He found himself thinking of different scenario's as she turned around. Smiling at him through shed tears, she leaned up to hug him, her frame, though small, somehow fit perfectly against his. It felt as though she had been made solely for him to hold. He took advantage of that moment and breathed in her scent, memorizing it for when he would not be close to her. She always smelled of jasmine, fresh and lovely. Running his fingers through her hair, he leaned close to whisper, "When I return, I want to speak to you."

       Arabellia's eyes widened, looking up at him, she gave a slow nod. "Agreed, Dreyden."

       After a few moments he pulled away, though it always felt like an eternity when they touched. Striding to his horse, he looked back at her, waving; he mounted up quickly only to catch her out the corner of his eye Arabellia running toward him. She tugged at the bottom of his robe. "I will write you," she said, her gaze green-eyed and clear met his.

       "I know you will, love," he said with confidence, as he clicked his tongue, the infamous signal to his steed that it was time to move forward.

       Arabellia's eyes widened as she slowly realized what he said. 'Love'...he had never said that before...she thought to herself. Turning slightly she called for her horse, Araphemes. She slipped upon it, watching as the regiment formed together and headed out of the square. "Let's go home," she whispered softly as she gave her horse a gentle spurring.
       Dreyden, Aubrea, and Talivan were in the same formation. They rode slowly out of the forest that had been their home for all of their lives. Aubrea's eyes still had tears shinning in their emerald depths. Telling she was still emotional, Talivan reached over, rubbing her left shoulder in comfort. Dreyden watched the two of them and realized: They were lovers. His eyes widened as he watched them, their every gesture was a lover's embrace, constant, like a ripple in a wave of water. How did he not notice it before? Dreyden shrugged as they headed out towards the Northern Barrens.

       Arriving just outside of the Northern Barrens, the regiment began to set up camp. Aubrea and Talivan headed off to gather some materials from the nearby areas to bring back to camp. When they returned, Aubrea's cheeks were always flushed, and Talivan's face was wreathed in grins. Dreyden watched them, finding more and more himself wishing it was him that was in their shoes. Wondering how Arabellia was doing, he found himself nightly laying in his tent, glad for the silence. Talivan was constantly sneaking off to Aubrea's tent. Dreyden could hear the sounds of their lovemaking; frantic, firm yet tender, it stirred feelings inside of him that he had not felt in a long time.

       One night, when Talivan snuck off and their love making had grown boisterous, Dreyden found himself too aroused not to touch. What surprised him most, was when he closed his eyes, he found himself picturing Arabellia. Smelling the night air, her fragrance haunted his thoughts; jasmine wafted around him. Closing his eyes, he could picture her hair curling around her shoulders, her delicate face, framing her dark emerald eyes. The one time he had seen her, naked as the day she was the gods, how could he have forgotten that day? Finding her naked in the mere close to his cottage had been a blessing and a curse. His body was becoming quickly aroused as he thought about her rounded breasts, resting delicately on the top of the water; the skin of her body smooth, as though she was sculpted from marble; her skin so pale against his own.

       He found himself reaching down, stroking slowly as he began to think about how he wanted to do so many things to her body. Feel his lips on her skin as he would kiss his way down her flesh, worshipping each crevice. How he would arrive at the juncture of her thighs, spreading her legs as she laid back, spreading her tender lips to find the jewel hidden within only to clasp his warm lips over it, sucking gently at first on the kernel. Feeling her body thrash against him as he sucked on the bud, causing her to shake violently from the savage attention he decided to give to her body.

       He imagined his hands reaching up to tug on her nipples, a flash of desire prickling across his finger tips. Aching from what he had been thinking, his groan echoed through the tent, though he was not aware; Aubrea and Talivan in the next tent too far gone in their own desires that they were visiting upon each other's bodies, to notice one low groan close by. He began to stroke feverishly, wanting nothing more than a desirable end result. To feel the aching rush his body, the ache screamed for the release he desperately needed. As he reached his peak, sweat covered his body. He was starting to shake as his cock began to throb, he moaned softly her name, though he was too far gone to realize, "Bella..."

       His chest rose as his muscles clenched, he drew in one long breath and released it slowly. It sounded as though he could not draw in another gulp of air, but one soon followed. Sweat popped up along his hairline as heat flushed his face. Sliding the tip of his finger around the head, he could feel how wet he had grown. The mere thought of her burned in his stomach like kindling to a fire. His lips parted and his breathing became rough and ragged. Pleasure pulsed through him and green sparks lit the darkness behind his eyes. He gave one final moan, a cry, as pleasure poured hot through his veins like melted wax, rippling through his hand in wave after molten wave.

       His cock throbbed as the last bit of his seed emptied; his body became limp on top of the covers. Panting, he looked to the doorway, struggling to his feet, shakily he went to the small pot of water. Holding the water, he grabbed a cloth, cleaning himself the best he could,disposing the soiled items in a nearby bag for the regiment servants to grab and cleanse. Sighing in relief, he fell back into his bunk, pulling the cover over his body, he closed his eyes. He was fast asleep before Talivan came back into the tent.

       Faithfully each week, Dreyden and Arabellia wrote letters to each other. His speaking of the fine adventures they were facing, the enemies they fought, and hers speaking of her training, of how she was seemingly getting better at Demonology. They also spoke of how they missed each other's company. What they failed to mention in their writing, was their budding desire for each other. One worried it would make their friendship, longstanding, all the sudden uncomfortable. He did not speak of how, each night he thought of her body, and how each time he was compelled to touch. She did not speak of how she was starting to think of him and what she would picture, how it would make her body tingle in ways she never felt before.

       One night, after reading a letter Dreyden had written her, she was lying on her bunk in her cottage. She closed her eyes, attempting to relax when she slowly realized there was something different about her. Her breasts felt very tender, aching; the juncture between her legs throbbed in a need she had never felt before. Her breathing was jerky; she attempted to figure out what was the cause of her discomfort. Running her fingers along her body, she reached her sensitive, aching nipples, her breath caught in a tormented gasp; she had never felt such a pain before.

The strange part was it wasn't really a pain that was was just very different. Letting her fingers trail down her stomach, her curiosity only peaked. She let her fingers rest on the juncture of her thighs; she had never noticed how soft her skin was before. Letting one finger slip inside, she gasped at what she felt; the inside of her body was very wet, very warm. She could feel a throbbing close to her fingertip. Moaning, she spread her legs wide, not even caring who was close by, who could hear her. By this time she began to feverishly stroke her aching mound, letting her finger caress the wetness, the tip of her finger brushing against the hard, aching button. Gasping, she rubbed herself against her own hand, her right hand reached for a stiffened nipple without thought. She would feel the throbbing of her clitoris against her fingers from the touch she was giving herself; stroking faster and faster, the wetness covering her fingers as she felt her body grow closer and closer to a point she had never quite reached before. "Ah gods..." she moaned, pushing up against her hand, each moan louder than the last as she began to orgasm, without thought, she cried out a name. "Dreyden..."

       Shaking, she fell back against the bed, panting, she covered herself up. Still shocked by what she had done, she closed her eyes, a soft smile ghosting her lips as she soon fell asleep.

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