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Taylor Lanson Taylor Lanson
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You Are Fear

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soul mates

(Due to a computer malfunction, this story was deleted from my works and therefore I am re-posting it)

The light seeps around the opaque coverings of this wanton glass.

You have put over my perception a most impregnable casque.

I see your face behind its shield; my mind does never seek.

With your cognizance flowing in the ester, much intent I see to wreak.

The ghastly image of your contorted face does not seem full of malice.

Even though to derive this courage would rid you of a chalice.

There is something missing from this air, to see your motive gone.

Your works are a most unexpected ending. The Gospel according to John.

A deep and profound crevasse within the facets of this terror.

Is but a model of innocence slain to the truest of standard-bearers.

A beast with human qualities is still a mountain within a hill.

To the monstrous and inconceivable wish that is your final will.

I recede to the corners in this realm, hoping to escape your chase of heart.

The confounding premonitions of tangible existence are surely being torn apart.

The darkness of my most genuine apprehension sheds light on one single thing.

The circular fallacy you posses is akin to an engagement ring.

You are my most solemn fear and to ask of you I must know -

As looking at you to look at me is as uncanny as red snow.

I am most vulnerable in mind and body to the one my heart belongs -

and to you, my dear, this agony is forever to prolong.

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