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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Young Love

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soul mates

A girl talks of the boy who she thought she loved and how she asked him out. Based on an experience which happened to my best friend in our first year of secondary school.

Maybe we were never meant to be.
He's a little older I guess.
Maybe he wasn't meant for me.
But when I called him to town for tea
I was hoping he'd say yes.

I feel lousy now, all alone.
I gave it a shot, then suffered the fall.
I've never felt so on my own.
I've change the number on my phone
So he could never call.

Maybe it's the way I look.
I'm the not the prettiest girl.
My teeth are crooked, my nose like a hook.
Hair like a magnet, to which all dirt gets stuck.
There's prettier girls than me in the world.

Maybe it's the way I sing.
It's the one thing for which I have skill.
But it's just one simple, little thing.
But I love the attention that it brings.
But he doesn't care for me, still.

Maybe he's not meant for me.
He's three years older, two years ahead.
I skipped a year, so it should be three.
So was it really meant to be?
I'll just back up what he said.

He said 'No, I won't go out with you,'
And, hit with sadness, for weeks I cried.
But I'm still young, that's certainly true.
I've got time, I'll find someone new.
Someone who'll stay by my side.

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