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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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10 Reasons Fishing is Better than Golf

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Ten reasons fishing is better than golfing.

1.       Your stick doesn’t have a heavy weight on the end of it till you catch one.
2.       You only need one golf club, to beat off the snakes.
3.       The outcome of the game isn’t dependent on how many casts you make.
4.       The main idea is to pitch it IN the water.
5.       A hook is a good thing.  A slice means you’ve hooked something.
6.       A good ball is a wad of bait.
7.       You can reel in a bad cast in fishing.
8.       You can’t have a flat tire in a boat but you can on a golf cart.
9.        There are no “blue” fees in fishing just “green” fees in golf
10.        The only time you have to pull your balls out of the water is when you fall in.

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