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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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I Know

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Humor on TV

As per usual, I tend to lean obtusely to the extreme left. For the life of me I don`t know how I stayed out of The Institution for as long as I have. Chow, babies!

      I know that my words are not as smooth as silk. And, if, my stories were considered in mechanical terms, my transmission would sound as though it was slipping. My transitions are jerky. Often, it seems as though I find that I have no reverse gear. These are the curious times that I realize that I have gone over the deep end. Nevertheless, I apologize to no man. In that sense, I am the world`s stubbornest man!

     I am verbose. I fail to omit needless words. Oh, now, I`m baring my soul! I stand naked before my readership (perish the thought).There is now, no place to hide. I mean, why bother! No, doubt, my readers would find me anyhow! I`m also full of false humility. You honestly didn`t know that, did you? I HEARD THAT SNICKER!!!

     I tend to race my ragin` engine. I am Injun, by the way. Born and bred, or should that be...born and bannock. AR,ar,ar,,ar!!! I do so enjoy my own humour! I know what you`re thinking. Get some professional help, right? Well, chances are, I`d end up psycho-analyizing the egg-head myself. I probably would end up convincing Sigmund that he`s mentally deficient.

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