Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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Wow - to die with the one you love. What a perfect death!

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Serena Burns Serena Burns
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Bittersweet Drop

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soul mates

The chalk outlines surround,
Making our feeble hearts pound.
Only a few people are yet alive
For everyone else has taken their dive.

Glancing up, two more take the fall.
It seems that we're all that remains after all.
But, the sickness that contaminated them
Is one useless to try to condemn.

The venom silently enters us both.
Our thoughts, now infected with bittersweet growth.
Maybe, it's not so bad to brave the drop,
To slow our lives to a complete stop.

So, my darling, take my hand;
Though, it's now time for souls to disband.
I know it won't be so painful,
And our thoughts of death shouldn't be so disdainful.

Fingers now interlocking,
It's time to begin walking.
The edge doesn't seem so horrid,
And the others' minds were not so sordid.

So, I'll look in your eyes one last time,
And I'll tell you that you're sublime.
But, it's now our time to go.
We'll be fine; I know.

To end it all requires one step more.
Now, to fall away with the one I adore. 1 comment

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