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Serena Burns Serena Burns
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My Darling

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soul mates

My Darling,

For so long, I have wondered
If you had ever truly noticed
My presence by your side.
For so long, I have stood here
Longing to belong to you,
The one I truly adore.
For so long, I have tried
To find the words to say
To describe how I feel every day.

For all this time, I think
Of a single truth
To always be outlined in my mind.
For all this time, I wait
To know the words you would speak
When confronted with the idea of me.
For all this time, I seek
Of a day when you would search for me
To forever know it in my memory.

For every moment, I will save
The thoughts of us together
To never let it disappear.
For every moment, I will find
A way to escape my troubles
By simply picturing you here with me.
For every moment, I will live
With your words circling back to me,
Bringing back my will to love.

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