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Esmeralda Di lopez Esmeralda Di lopez
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In the hands of fate

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She had a friend.

She was finishing her fifth cigarette while looking through the window. There was anger in her eyes. Anger with a crumb of hope, but the hope was disappearing with every passing minute. The streets outside were wet and dark, so she tried very hard to focus her eyes so she would see him. But how is she going to see him if he is not there? He lied again. He was not coming. Suddenly she felt cheap and stupid. She looked around. A cheap hotel that smelled like moisture and moss. Candles burning. She laughed at herself. She even wore a sexy, red chemise with lace. What was she thinking? She looked like a prostitute. Stupid and humiliated prostitute. She looked at her hand. She forgot she was not wearing her watch. She took it off and left it at her night stand, at home. It did not match her chemise and also she was worried that it might get damaged. She had dirty things on her mind while she was taking the watch off. A passion was erupting inside of her while she imagined his arms around her caressing her gently and then grabbing her savagely while her blood was boiling inside her fragile body. She expected a night filled with burning pleasures, passionate kisses and fulfilled desires. But once again, he let her down. The rage took over, the hope was gone. She took her suitcase of the floor and put it on the bed. Blew off the candles and took off the lingerie and put on a shirt and jeans. She hesitated for a while should she put the candles in the suitcase or just leave them here, but her broken pride couldn't let her allow the room service to see how pathetic she was. Waiting for a man… That is all she did for the last few years. Waiting.. for love, for affection, for her life to start.. with this man. At this point all that went through her head was his lies, promises he never kept, the life he never gave her. As she was leaving this hotel she left her heart there, her memories and him. And she never looked back.


A man walks out of a house. A house in the suborns. A big pink and brown house with a swing on the porch. He walked off and took a deep breath. “I’m free”, he thought. He could still hear the weeping sounds coming from inside the house. He shook his head deciding that he’s not going to let the guilt win, not this time. With every step he took, he felled relieved and excited. Excited about the life that was waiting for him, excited about the girl. The girl in the cheap hotel room.  He was a prisoner to his own fears for years. Afraid to love, afraid to leave, afraid to break the castle of lies that he created. But now is over. The rotten burden was lifted from his heart. He entered his car and as he was starting the engine he looked at his house. The green grass that he mowed every Sunday. The porch that has witness so many fight and tears between him and his wife. Those few stairs that he has crossed so many times, but always came back. The pleading of his wife always brought him back. But not this time, he’s not coming back this time. He took the old road he knew very well. The road to the cheap hotel. As he was driving the anticipation inside of him was growing. His mind flew over to three years ago, the first time he saw her. He was in this very car and she was walking on the sidewalk. The first thing he noticed was the ease in her walk. It was like she was flying. A girl without a trouble in the world and then he came and messed her up. But he was going to make it right now, he was going to make it up to her, for every heartbreak, every tear, every sleepless night. He was going to make her happy. Starting now till the rest of her life.  And he couldn't wait. He didn't even noticed that he was pushing the gas pedal harder and harder, and the car was going faster and faster.


“It’s the third time I’m calling you, you better get your ass home in twenty minutes or else…”. The boy rolled his eyes as he was listening to the voice of his mother screaming through the cell phone. The party was in raging, his friends were nowhere to be found and he already had four beers that was enough to dazzle his mind. He didn't wanted to leave, but his experience has taught him not to take his mother threats so lightly. He had a hard time finding his car in the parking lot and even harder time starting it. “Twenty minutes, how am I suppose to get across town in twenty minutes” he thought as he was trying to get the car to go faster. It would've been a miracle if he saw the car rushing to the street on his right. Unfortunately miracles don’t happen every day. The impact was horrifying. Neither of them knew what was going on. As the boy lifted his head he saw a man. It was the man driving the other car, but he was not in the car anymore. The impact must have been so strong that threw him out of vehicle. The man’s clothes were torn apart and he was bleeding from various places, it was hard to see from where exactly. The boy felt an excruciating pain in the back of his head and his arm was bleeding but according to the level of the pain it wasn't broken. So he got out of the car, stumbling and falling and got close to the man. He pulled the cell phone out of his pocket and called 911. As he was finishing the call he heard the man trying to say something. It was hard for him to pronounce anything because his mouth was full of blood. After a few tries the man managed to say “I’m sorry”. By the look in the man’s dark eyes, the boy could tell that these words were meant for someone else.

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