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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Bad in you

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soul mates

This poem is about women, who go for bad men instead of good men.

Women like good men, but when something bad turns up
they love it even more, they will leave the good one
for the more dangerous and more exciting bad man,
so if you are a good man and treat women good,
how the hell can you compete with the bad man?
you can't can you!
Woman hate a man that is too good,
ask a women if she likes her man too bad then she will say
'I prefer them to be more bad then good.'
Because they wanna see the bad in a man, more than the good
because to a woman, it's boring being too good not exciting enough for them,
you don't turn them on enough like the bad man does,
Women like their man to be more dangerous, take more risks in life,
they say treat them mean keep her keen, but what does that saying really mean?
change your whole attitude towards women,
like you don't give a dam about her anymore.

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