Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Never mind the iambs when you can write free verse like this.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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lol - love this line.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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Love the use of the word "evanescent" in this stanza.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Adrift once Again

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soul mates

To my fair Ladies and Lords I offer to thee this maladroit insensate stream of inscrutablethought. It would appear as though I`ve fallen into a rut and I can`t get up.

Iambic pentameter
and could never
ever hope to measure
the beat of my heart 1 comment

And don`t you even think
about kicking
my dangling participle 1 comment

my commas are comatose
subordinating clauses claw at me
my syntax is sin

I allude to illusory fiction
the likes of which has never been
heard of on this planet

You Kindle my e-vil ways
in space of cyber
volumes infinite
fit on the head of a pin
on a disc, no less

While paper grays
and ink doth wither
upon reams
of forgotten lore 1 comment

For fourscore
years divide by two
my quill
has scratched on
my inkwell of thought
deep in quandary lost

elusive fame
if I could peg
you to a decent frame
pleasing to my soul
but like the Troll
who lives in shadows
ebony against the ivory
I thought it best
to let it rest

Towers of freedom
which I aspire to climb
to ascend beyond the mediocre
to share the lofty crag
with the noble eagle
ready to gouge my naked eye

I am adrift
once again
to sail to lands unknown
perchance to be
washed ashore
on some lonely, secret isle
which, at last
I can call my own! 1 comment

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