Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Lines 1and 2 second verse - two great complementary lines. Equally the final two lines of verse 3. This poem makes one think.

Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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Thank you. I seem to hit the right cord through personal experience once in a while.

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
Recommendations: 30

Happiest in Misery

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For Charlie

I still laugh
My smile a crooked twist
Nails worn to the nub
From clawing at my sanity
An echo of my old self
Screaming for release
From my prison
Lost in an ocean of pain
Drowning in the tears that filled it
All that you were
Burned to ash with my bliss
A rapture of torment
Ever perverted
But through the pain
Amongst the suffering
Despite the lack of respect
And broken promises
I am happiest here
In the misery
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