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Is this the section you cant click on? Please message me the link of the page wehre the problem is occuring or directly message Jon Paul so his develop can officially look at it.

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In this life, we all must vent the spleen, once in awhile. I suspect that this particular writing may be pulled soon. However, I hope you all get a chance to read it at least once.

      I just realised after a year and a half that I`ve been giving away some of my best work for FREE! How about that? While it may be true that I am writing on a free forum, I ,at long last, just have to ask the question...``What`s in it for me?`` Let me be the catalyst that starts the gears of your mind rolling. Honesty is such a rare gem these days. Honestly!

     For you see, I happen to live in THE REAL WORLD. And if you were halfway honest and serious about it yourself, you`d be wondering the very same things yourself. Am I ``thought-provoking`` or just plain old-fashioned provoking? You be the judge. I am simply voicing what others may be thinking , but, just don`t quite have the balls to speak up! To date, I have over 100 works posted. 100-plus. Are your gears rolling yet?

     There are some writers here who are quite comfortable carrying on for the next hundred years, and there is that small percentage who are genuinely concerned about making some headway. Hey, how about a little bit of promotion? Come on...I challenge you! I welcome any and all comments. Unless someone ``muzzles me,`` I`ll keep you updated. Over and out! By the way.. for some strange reason, I can`t click on to the comment section of my writings. Some clarification,if you please? 2 comments

      Hmmm...yes, I see that you`re still with me. That`s good, that`s good. And, I see that some of the regulars aren`t posting as much as they usually did in the past. Don Yarber is gone, which was a shocker to me. I appreciated Don and his input, while he was still with us. I wonder if his departure was a sign that we have lost something in the process of trying to find our way as fledgling writers. I am saddened, as well, in the way S.S. has become. I know that no one keeps us here, and, we are at liberty to leave, at any given time. However, I am willing to hang in there, and to try to get us out of this slump that we are experiencing. But, I will leave you with this one thought. Someone told me just the other day that S.S., has become too formalized. I don`t know if that`s a fair estimation. It just happens to be something I heard through the grapevine. Over and out!

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