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Becca Pole Becca Pole
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Title Unknown

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She had a friend.

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Chapter One

I placed the towel on the edge of the corrugated iron roof of my home. My house isn’t big or flash but it is what I call home especially in Sector Eleven which is one of the poorest sectors in Aotera. I managed to haul my telescope up the ladder and onto the roof. Halleys comet should be passing right in front of me if I got my calculations right which I always get right. “Julia do you want me to get a chair while I’m still on the ground?” Zhao asked. Zhao has been my friend for three years now. He has light brown hair and brown eyes with fair skin. “Sure.” I smiled. It took Zhao the time it took me to set up the telescope for him to bring up the chair. “Thanks Zhao.” He smiled devilish then said, “The chair isn’t for you.” he quickly placed it and sat down before I could say or do anything. “Thank you so much Zhao.” I laughed sarcastically.
“Hey look.” Zhao pointed behind me and when I say what he was pointing at I quickly scrambled for the telescope and traced Halley’s Comet through the eye piece. It was the most stunning thing I have ever seen and I’m glad I got to see it as I wouldn’t be alive for the next time.
“It surely is amazing and I can see why you really like astronomy.”
“I know. It surely is breathtaking.” I didn’t hear Zhao get up from the chair but I did feel his hand on my shoulder. “Stop hogging the telescope.” He whispered in my ear. I moved aside to let him look though the telescope.
   “We have testing tomorrow. Are you nervous?” I asked him. He was still looking through the telescope when he answered. “Of course I’m nervous. I want us to get in the same squadron.” I could see him smile.
   “As do I. I want to know someone in the same squadron.”
“Have you been practicing?”
“yes.” I lied. I haven’t been practicing for my testing since I got selected three weeks ago. The history of the space war got my attention and I’ve been trying to get my hands on an enhancer so I can get of view of Saturn and Titan but I haven’t had much luck. The space war took placed seventy years ago. The aliens who attacked where known as the Valterians from Val Five, the second planet from Antares which is known as the scorpions heart in the constellation Scorpio. They are humanoid aliens with few distinctive differences from humans. They have slightly pointed ears like elves, amazingly bright coloured eyes and are just shorter than the average male and female, kind of like me. I have most of the features but I am sure I am human born and bred despite my ears and my sea blue eyes.

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