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Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
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Mission Unsuccessful

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She had a friend.

After reading comments from Harry and Deborah. I have become greedy, I want more suggestions from them to improve my writing.

Pepe and Popo were two ghosts, unable to frighten anyone. On the contrary they were themselves frightened very easily.
There is one rule among ghosts that they have to scare people otherwise they will be expelled. Now , they tried very hard but failed. So they were Expelled .
Feeling very sad they were searching for some place to hide, lest other ghosts will laugh on them.
Then they found her house, they slipped quietly under her bed. Here they tried to scare her by vanishing her things. But to their disappointment, she scolded her maid and warned her to be careful.
Though they were happy there, but missed terribly their community .
They thought of taking help from a little sympathetic ghost Hoho, who has the power to take any form.
He accepted to help them.
He told them if he hides in something thing and it vanishes suddenly before her eyes, she certainly will be scare to death.
Pepe said " Really? , why not hide in eggs or sausages which she eats in her breakfast."
Hoho said " no, no, she will either boil or fry them and you know I'm afraid of fire. More over if we burn us, all our powers will be taken back and we have to leave earth and live in space, where you can't find anyone to scare."
Popo said ' OK, so you hide in the apple, she daily eats an apple , and when she will go to have a bite vanish with it.' Ho agreed.
They were very excited. This was the longest night for them. Though night and day are same for them for they don't sleep. Hoho hid in the  apple , there was only one apple there, he felt happy.
In the morning she got up, brushed her teeth. She searched her fridge for something to eat. She found an apple. She was about to eat, but then suddenly changed her mind.
She kept the apple in the electric grille and switched it on.
She decided to eat grilled apple with cinnamon and sugar.

After reading comments from Harry and Deborah. I have become greedy, I want more suggestions from them to improve my writing. Thanks friend, you encouraged me.

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