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Leonard a. Wronke Leonard a. Wronke
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For Charlie

To have eyes, but not see the beauty that transcends the horizon... that is the paradox.
Having a heart, but not have it know love...that is the tragedy.
Forever to be lost amidst the stars...that is chaos.
Do not abandon all hope for it is the only salvation.
Pray that it is not beyond the will of destiny that your soul shall find refuge.
To be among the faithful, as the angelic choir chants upon the winds to raise glory to the hidden; the one who beseeches us to live as we are ordained.
See as the gentle horizon meets the sun as it settles down for its nightly sleep to allow its sister,the moon, to shine.
Relieving the fiery sentinel of its burden if only for the space of the darkness.
Caress the darkness that soothes your psyche for you to find the answer to your eternal question.
The answer is deep within your own tortured essence,waiting to be set free.
Once free, it shall show you the vision; the path you are to tread.
That you lead unto others,the ones who are lost,who look to you,the shepherd to raise their consciousness that they reach the zenith of paradise; astonished by your selfless act of forfeiture.
To know that your sacrifice was not in vain.
The symbolic gesture was truly glorious.
Behold the spirit that is kindred to the holy, holding out the peace that is deep within the depths of your being.
This is the mission handled down to all from the one on high.

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