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Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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Kiss Me Again... (Chapter Four)

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.


Kelly had returned home around 9:30 pm to waiting parents. They wanted to know how everything went and what Brandon’s accommodations were like. Kelly didn’t feel much like talking about it and let them know that everything went fine and that his room was small but clean. Her parents seemed satisfied with her answers. She explained that she was very tired and was going to bed.

“Good night guys. I’m really tired and I have work tomorrow. I think I’ll turn in early.” Kelly said and headed up to her room.

“Good night. Love you” said Laura. She knew her daughter and could tell that the day had been difficult for her. Brandon and Kelly had been inseparable almost since the day they first spoke. It would be an interesting year she thought.

Kelly was feeling a little depressed and really tired. She crawled in between the sheets of her cozy bed and quickly drifted off.

In her dreams, her fears were born as she watched her relationship falter. Brandon had become distant and aloof. Her calls were not returned in a timely manner and the distance between them grew. She felt her perfect life crumbling around her.  She tossed and turned throughout the night and awoke feeling edgy and moody but she pushed herself to get ready for a new day. Work would be a welcome distraction for her today.

When Kelly arrived at work she immediately felt better. Her coworkers were happy to see her and she busied herself with stocking the shelves and pricing products and assisting customers.  The distractions were good.

Kelly was pre-occupied with the task at hand but was interrupted by the sound of a crying child. A small boy was crying for his dad. She knelt down to meet his eyes and gave the boy an encouraging smile. “Did you lose your Daddy?” she asked the child.

“Yes” the boy replied as his breath caught in a sob.

“What’s your name?” she probed.


“What’s your daddy’s name?” Kelly asked with trepidation as she recalled that Scott and Lisa had named their son Chance.

“Daddy!” he answered with obvious frustration.

Kelly couldn’t help but smile at his reply. “Okay come with me and we’ll call your Daddy on the loud speaker” she extended her hand to the little boy who followed eagerly.

“Attention Customers, I am looking for a little boy’s daddy in the store. If you are missing a little boy, could you please come to the service desk at the back of the store? Thank you for your attention.” She waited anxiously for Chance’s father to appear.

It was only a moment or two before she spotted Scott approaching. He looked good. He looked like his old self except for the deep scar on his right cheek. He seemed thinner than before and he walked with a heavy limp. He noticed Kelly right away and approached hesitantly. “Hi Scott how are you?” Kelly managed.

“Hi Kelly. Is my little boy with you?” Scott asked.

“Yes, I believe so. Chance is that your Daddy?” Kelly asked.

“Yep!” the little boy smiled and his big brown eyes lit up with excitement as he ran to Scott’s side and hugged his leg.

“Hey buddy. I told you to stay by my side. You have to stop running off like that.” Scott scolded him gently as he ruffled the boy’s white blonde hair.

“Thanks Kelly. How have you and your parents been?” Scott was curious. He couldn’t believe that she stood before him after all that happened. She was more beautiful than ever now. Her face had matured and she was taller and more voluptuous than before.

“My parents have been good. You and Lisa and Chance should drop by some time. I’m sure they would love to see you again and I know they would love to meet your little boy.”

Chance was as cute as a button. He looked like a miniature Scott.

Kelly was surprised by how comfortable she felt around him after all this time. She had imagined a much more awkward exchange but it was easy and friendly. Scott seemed a little self-conscious around her. The right side of his face seemed to have had some nerve damage from the accident and his mouth drooped a little on the one side, almost as if he had a stroke. The injured side of his face seemed less affected by time, whereas the other showed more lines. His body language showed a man with less confidence than before but she could see a very strong bond had formed between father and son. Scott was a proud father.

All of a sudden, Chance took off running into the arms of his mother, Lisa. She had entered the store from inside the mall. Lisa looked really good. Her body had filled out quite a bit after child birth. Her bust was fuller and her hips were curvier. She was the commanding presence in the family. She eyed Kelly slyly as Scott explained what had happened.

Lisa managed a quick “thank you” and then asked Scott if he had picked up his prescription yet to which he replied, “No, not yet.”

Kelly interjected, “I’ll check for you if it’s ready” and quickly turned away. Wow, that was uncomfortable she thought to herself. She found the prescription and processed the payment for them and wished them a good day. “It was nice to meet you Chance” Kelly said.

Scott nudged Chance and told him to say thank you for Kelly’s help.

“Thank you for finding my daddy for me” said Chance as he waved good-bye.

“Say hello to your parents for us” Lisa told Kelly.

“I will. It was nice to see you all.” Kelly replied.

Kelly found herself to be so distracted for the remainder of the day. It was odd that she had a dream about Scott only a week ago after 2 years’ time and now he stood before her. The timing was so odd. Brandon had entered her life and Scott had exited and now the reverse happened. They had come full circle in an odd sort of way.

Kelly found herself looking at Lisa with a different perspective as well. She had changed quite a bit. She was now the dominant one in the relationship. Scott was the one being carried now but in her eyes, Scott seemed to be the more doting parent and Lisa, the disciplinarian.

What an interesting turn of events that day had brought. Kelly finished up at work and was now eager to share the news with her parents. Kelly balanced her till and left for the day.

The ride home was strange as she recalled the dream she had had about Scott. It was weird how they had just popped back into her life. Her parents would be surprised by the news she had to share. How would they react she wondered? She pulled into the driveway and parked the car.

“Hey guys; I’m home!” Kelly called.

“We’re here in the family room” Laura answered.

Kelly removed her shoes and entered the family room. “You won’t believe who I bumped into today!”

“Oh? Who was it?” asked her dad, Wayne.

“Well, first I met this little boy. He was crying because he got separated from his Dad. The boy’s name is Chance!” Kelly teased.

“You saw Lisa Dunn and her little boy?” Laura was intrigued now.

“Yes; I saw Lisa, Scott and Chance! Isn’t that weird?” Kelly asked

“That must have been weird. So what happened?” Laura probed

“Well, I sent a message over the PA to ask if anyone was missing a little boy and told them to come to service desk to collect him. As soon as the little boy told me his name, I thought of Scott and Lisa. It was funny because when I asked the little boy what his dad’s name was, he told me it was “Daddy”. It was so cute!” Kelly laughed recalling the moment. “I told them to give you two a call. I hope you don’t mind. They all look good. Scott looks smaller though and I think he’s a little self-conscious about his injuries.”

Wayne sat listening quietly. He didn’t join the conversation but listened intently.

Kelly went on to explain about how Lisa had changed. “Lisa has filled out since having Chance. She is a little heavier than before and more shapely. She seems to be “the ruler of the roost” now. More so than Scott. It’s weird how different they both seem now.”

“Maybe I’ll give Lisa a call and see how she’s doing.” Said Laura.

Again, Wayne just listened but his mind was thinking about all that happened and whether or not he was ready to meet with Scott face to face again. He would talk to Laura about it in private later. He was concerned about Kelly getting caught up in something again. He wasn’t sure what Lisa really felt about Kelly. Would she make his daughter uncomfortable? She didn’t seem to be the least bit concerned as he listened to her but he would have to have a serious talk with Laura about his concerns.


Lisa, Scott and Chance headed home after their brief encounter with Kelly. Lisa found herself feeling jealous over the whole exchange. Kelly had somehow invaded their space again. Her mind was racing and she could tell that Scott had been affected by the encounter as well and Chance seemed enamored by Kelly.  “I like her” he told her.

“How could you let him get away from you?” Lisa asked Scott

“I just turned away for a second and he was gone. You know how easily distracted Chance can get!” Scott replied.

“Poof and Daddy was gone!” said Chance.

Lisa glanced over at Scott with questioning eyes.

“What Lisa. I told you, he walked away from me.” Scott was not amused by her accusations.

“Okay fine. Just forget it!” Lisa said.

The ride home was quiet from that point on but their minds were both lost in quiet reflection of the past. Lisa would like to talk to Laura again. She missed that friendship but she wasn’t sure how Scott would figure into the equation just yet and how would Wayne react to them resurfacing in their lives?

Scott had noticed the ring on Kelly’s hand and he wondered if it was from the same boy or someone new? As much as he knew there was nothing between them anymore, he couldn’t help thinking about her again. She was much more confident now and more mature. She had grown up. Those eyes had haunted his memories and now they had looked into his soul once again.

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