Davide Castel Davide Castel
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Ego speaks...Self Esteem...Be Yourself...Righteousness. In Poetry, I like punctuations, but it is not always necessary. The way you have written this, I feel does not even need any, however, I certainly am no expert.

Harry Wells Harry Wells
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You don't need to worry about punctuation in this form unless it really makes a great difference to the meaning.

Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
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Thanks Lucy. Thanks Harry.

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Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
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Quality Speaks

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soul mates

(It is sort of thinking aloud that a little negativity is also necessary in life.)

Little ego for self-esteem
Patience when you go off beam

Stubbornness when you think you are just
Politeness is always a must

Hunger required for success in life
Grace whenever there is strife

Anger when someone is abused
Presence of mind when you are confused

Righteousness when there is a fight
Calmness when situation is tight

Little selfishness to make yourself happy
Peace of mind so you are not snappy 3 comments

Conscience to stay away from vice
Strength when difficulties arise

Hi friends, I would like to know the use of punctuations in poetry and what should be the title.

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