Davide Castel Davide Castel
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'On my morning walk today... 'Which foot (do) you move first(?)' 'He stopped (straight away)... 'Thought, but couldn't decide... '(When) I was coming back... 'I asked, 'What is the matter dear?'... And he replied, 'I ....' 'Some people cannot (m)ake the right move themselves 'in the life of others.'

Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
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Thanks Lucy, I'll edit it.

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Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
Recommendations: 1


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soul mates

On my morning walk
I met a centipede
Walking leisurely in the park.
I asked him
‘Which foot do you move first’?
He stopped in his way He stopped on his way,
Thought but couldn’t decide.
I moved on
leaving him there,
Searching for an answer.
When I was coming back
I saw it still there,
Scratching its head .
I asked  ‘What is the matter, dear?’
And he replied,
'I was walking before without doubt and confusion
Now I cannot decide
Which foot to move first
And this is the cause
Of my strife.'
It eyed me with disgust and said
'Some people cannot make a right move themselves
But are busy in creating
A lot of confusion
In the life of other ' 3 comments

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