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Jim, how about condensing line four and five into one line here so the verse has five lines like the rest of the poem.

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soul mates

Thoughts have been coming to me and evaporating before I can dwell on them.  Something like what I'm trying to capture here.

This is what I seek,
This truism touched upon
for an instant, and then
just as quickly gone,
and not regained

Like some broken enigma
lost in the ether,
and sought but not found
It sidesteps my cognition
and retreats away

Mindful of my own thoughts
I come, open to all possibilities,
Yet I lose the thought once again
amidst the noise of this world,
and the slipperiness of clarity 1 comment

Someday I will know
No longer fleeting and muddied,
it will be clear to me
as it settles upon me to stay,
and I will know its truth forever 1 comment

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