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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Black Veil

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soul mates

For Asma, who told me to write a poem today for the SS community. I think she wants me to stop complaining. :) Anyway, here is what I was inspired to write. Be prepared for a nasty surprise at the end though.

I tore apart the black curtain of the world left dark before me,
In desperate need to see the world beyond.
I ripped away the strong, thick sheets, as a vulture tears at flesh,
In hopes to see what lies behind the veil.

In darkness have I lived this life, in ignorance, to my enduring shame,
While on the other side the truth remained.
Though I saw the veil and wondered what on Earth was hidden there,
I did not think to peek between the tears.

But I abandoned madness, bought by the soulless life unto that day I lived,
When in hot discovery I learned the truth of it.
For when in a single act of seeming madness and violence I with metal swiped,
The light beyond pierced my no longer ignorant heart.

Then all that I had loved, or known, or thought, or acted on,
Forced deep and hard into my waking life.
And never had such sharpness of great truth there entered in,
Than when it opened up with blade of knife.

She in her black silk dress, the temptress, standing, wanton, aflame with lust,
Did never offer hint, neither show regret.
Even after I tore her dress, or drove the knife deep through her chest,
Until at last she gazed with dying tears upon my face.

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