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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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My Friend, the Yuke

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She had a friend.

After a brief departure from my musings, I came up with this jewel. That`s all I can say, at this moment.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I had a friend whose wife had left him to go on a trip to see her family. She decided one day to go and visit in the old country. This left my friend, the Muskovite, quite alone to fend for himself. Well, at least temporarily.

After work one day, I felt inspired to invite him home to share a meal with us. He was a simple fellow with simple tastes, so I thought that he would find our home-cooked cuisine quite to his liking. I was not disappointed. He wolfed down his meal with the greatest gusto. The thing that most impressed him was our social graces, not to mention our open affection. Terms of endearment were exchanged between me and wifey, while my friend basked in the easy-going,friendly atmosphere. My friend must have been impressed by my show of affection to wifey, since he heard such terms as;

     ``Pass the sugar, Sugar.``
and, ``Pass the honey, Honey.``

The next day, I got an e-mail from my friend announcing that his wife had arrived home. He also invited my wife and I over for a nice quiet meal and to get better aqquainted.

Of course, we immediately responded to the invite to the affirmative. We arrived early in anticipation of a pleasant evening meal. The table was splendiferously set with their finest china, and the food was magnifico! It was...almost...perfect. Except for one small detail.

As we took our seats and placed our napkins on our laps, my friend, lovingly looked over to his wife. There was romantic music in the background and the candlelight added just the right romantic touch to an almost perfect evening.

Apparently, without thinking, my friend, leaned over across the table and whispered softly...

     ``Pass the pork, Pig.``

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