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Katherine Samson Katherine Samson
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She had a friend.

lots of random thoughts, ideas, dreams... who knows

      The new economy, the new now. We are all forced to live together. multi generation under one roof. Seems to me that we've just adopted the old way. when families provided for one another, lived with one another, united. We've all just gotten used to our own space, our own lives, the "me" attitude.
       So here we are in the 21st century adopting the 18th century culture. 3 generations under one roof. less than a yard of grass outside. My husband and I have a small bedroom. My mother and father in-law have the biggest room in the house with a bathroom. Our 3 girls and 1 son all share a room. My brother in=law, his wife, and son all share a room. And last, my parents have the basement. We have time schedules for the bathroom, showers, laundry, and meals.

       Close quaters can lead to tense situations. Fortunately I've incorporated the "quite" chair. You get 15 minutes to sit in the quiet chair, no one is to talk to you, and you are not to talk to anyone. It givens you 15 minutes of a "non exiting" state. This has seemed to help with kids and adults alike. 2 comments

      My parents have been together forever. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching a soap opera live. My father yells, my mother yells back. Insults fly, shoes fly, I duck and then I step in.  My mother in law ignores my father in law. She has been more of a recluse since her daughter moved out of state to be with her boyfriend. The kids have adjusted well at least. My husband and I, not so much.

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