Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

So cute! About the awesome grandmother.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

Glad they married. They were obviously in love.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

I think the child was born out of their love. She must have felt it. I loved my husband the most at the time I had my son. He is my second child. His pregnancy was perfect for us as a family.

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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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Dominick & Leah - Chapter 8

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       It was the summer of 1997. Hanson had just taken the world by storm with their debut album, Middle of Nowhere, as boy band pop took over from the loud grunge of the early 90s. David Redpine, the son of Emma and Lyle, had just turned nine and was excelling at school despite his parents’ impending separation due to their marital difficulties. Mae was turning four, and Dominick often babysat her at his place, where he and Leah lived; she was a fun playmate of Tyler, their three-year-old son.

       Tyler had been a huge surprise for both of them. In the late autumn of 1993, the two had had an intimate sexual relationship that was borne largely out of spontaneity, and had forgotten to use protection one time (neither had any on each other while making out in the bathroom of the Merivale Donald’s Foods, and both were drunk from the Christmas party that was going on outside in the restaurant). Despite the alcohol involved, Tyler had been conceived, and while Leah had originally wanted an abortion, Dominick – and Hilary – had campaigned for her to have the baby. Realizing that Dominick would never abandon her and the child (and that her mother would make an absolutely awesome grandmother), they decided to raise it together despite their young age. 1 comment

       Tyler had been born in late August the following year, after both had graduated from the business program at Algonquin, and during which Dominick had left Kresge’s Goods and started working as a clerk in an office downtown. With all of them temporarily living together at Leah’s, Dominick pitched in his small saved earnings from Kresge’s Goods, and they found a nice little garden home on Meadowlands Drive in Nepean. Despite the income from Dominick’s office job, his father had to co-sign the rent agreement in case he was unable to pay the month’s rent, but all in all, they had a home, and that’s what mattered. When she had come off maternal leave, Leah found a part-time job as a receptionist in a similar office environment as Dominick. Shortly after they moved in, they had a civil ceremony in which they married - both knew they loved each other, both knew they were committed to their child, and the marriage would protect them in terms of give and take in material items.
       Despite this, they still had very little money and minor support from friends, who were busy, and relatives; they were a young family, after all. 1 comment

       Sometimes Leah felt extremely overwhelmed, and sometimes she felt almost forced into this due to having the child, but overall, she was largely happy. Dominick was an interested, engaging father who cared about, and was always there, for his son – whose existence, however unexpected or unplanned, relied on their nurturing parenthood. Maybe she hadn’t planned a long-term relationship with him originally, but she wasn’t dissatisfied with it either – they were still on the same wavelength, and Tyler was growing up in a peaceful, harmonious household that lacked the abusive drama of other inexperienced parents of similar age. 1 comment

       They had a good sense of community in Parkwood Hills, and Tyler was already forming minor friendships with other children his age. They contributed to the summer garage sales held in the courtyard facing the street, and maintained friendships with the neighbors, a lot of whom were close in age to them.

       One day, during the summer of that year when they had time off, Leah looked into the messy living room and saw Tyler watching Rocko's Modern Life on YTV. His ginger hair was already getting long; he bounced up and down on the couch with a smile as he giggled at the cartoon wallaby on the screen. It charmed and filled her with strong emotion.
Dominick, standing in front of her in the hallway (they had been discussing a promotion he had been offered), turned to look at his son as well. A warm smile slowly spread across his face.

       In the grand scheme of things, she thought, it didn't matter. Whether or not they were young and inexperienced, or lacked money or a lot of support, it didn't matter. They loved each other, they loved their son, and they had a home and a means to keep going.

       Everything was going to be just fine.

       Just fine.

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