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Liz Franco Liz Franco
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I am still writing "Tigerborn" Sorry for the wait. This is one of my old stories that I might continue. And yes, when I wrote this I liked chapters to be quite short. Sorry.

Part 1

The Girl of Many Faces

       Names. I have learned to hate them oh so very much. Loser, freak, abomination, and most of all, unknown.Everyone has made me feel like I don't belong. Do I belong? Am I so different that you all shun me from you? If everyone says that, then it must be so.
       I don't know what I am so don't ask, but I never look the same as I did the day before, if that makes any sense. One day I'll have red hair and blue eyes, the next brown with hazel eyes, if I'm lucky only my eyes color will change. My mom calls me "The girl of many faces." My dad calls me a waste of space. And me, well, I call myself Mylie.

       Today I am a pale girl with even paler green eyes. My hair is blonde with light brown highlights, it falls onto my shoulders in wavy layers. At least it wasn't like yesterday's pixie cut. I hastily shoved it into a quick bun as I changed into my school uniform. I thought, the only thing that doesn't change about me, as I hurried downstairs. My parents are already off at work so I gave a good morning to my dog, Maya. Her smashed, pug, face was the only thing that greeted my in the morning. Poor me. I grabbed an apple off the kitchen counter of our small rundown home. Please save me the ideas of 'a poor girl facing the world on her own' bit. I slung my backpack over my shoulder. Just another day in the forever changing story of my life, featuring me.
       I was, again, fashionably late to school. Did anyone care? Probably not. I ducked into my math class and slid quietly into my seat.
       "Late again, Miss Mangold. That's twice this week." Mr. Mills said with his back facing me. I swear it's like he has eyes in the back of his head. On cue I replied,
       "My alarm clock broke, so I slept in." Everyone would then laugh and continue along with their day. I sighed, they laughed at me too much for me to care anymore. Good morning Mylie, your day has begun.


       As the bell rang, I stopped by my locker to get my books, I had a crazy amount of homework. I turned to leave and I found myself slamming into a wall. I fell back onto my butt. "Ow...," I muttered to myself.
       "Oh, I'm so, so, sorry. I didn't see you there, girly. You alright?"

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