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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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Appendix A

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Appendix A - Chronology
Sunglasses, Time-Travel, & Iced-Tea
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1953: Mitchell Bowen is born.

1955: Elmer Greene is born.

1959: Nathan Andrews is born.

May 15th, 1961: Donald’s Foods, the Merivale location, opens; Greene’s father cuts the ribbon.

July 10th, 1971: Dominick is born.

March 18th, 1972: Leah is born.

May 8th, 1978: Jason, Leonard, John and Brian unwittingly time-travel back to this date and get a ride with a lookalike of their friend Brent.

1981: Glenn Morin, Leonard's father, graduates from the Radio Broadcasting program at Algonquin College.

August 13th, 1981: Jason, Leonard, John, and Brian time-travel to this date and end up talking to the High Society of Iced-Tea Drinkers.

1983: Nathan Andrews starts working at Kresge’s Goods.

September 1st, 1984: John time-travels unwittingly to this date and witnesses a bank robbery.

1985: Leonard's parents, Glenn and Alia, marry.

June 2nd, 1985: Elmer Greene works as a courier; time-frame of Let the Good Times Roll.

August 20th, 1988: John is chronologically born.

1988: David Redpine is born to Emma and Lyle Redpine.

April 13th, 1989: Leonard is chronologically born.

November 13th, 1989: Shawn Norman is born.

June 2nd, 1990: Leonard's ex-girlfriend, Iris, is born.

June 21st, 1991: Jason (based on me) is chronologically born.

June 15th, 1992: Brian is chronologically born.

September 7th, 1992: Dominick sees Leah in his first class of the semester at college.

October 2nd, 1992: Dominick finally compliments Leah and makes her day in a good way, prompting her to invite him to dinner; Dominick is told that his cousin Brian is taking his first steps at four months of age.

Same Day: Chronological date of birth of Jason's increasingly distant friend Shirley Andrews.

October 3rd, 1992: Dominick has dinner at Leah's, but her boyfriend, Luke, returns home and tries to beat him up; Luke is arrested by John's parents (who are police officers) and Leah proclaims Dominick her new boyfriend.

October 21st, 1992: Dominick and Leah sleep together for the first time.

November 3rd, 1992: At Donald's Foods, Leah and Dominick's friend, Daniel, talk about the American election, leaving Dominick out of it; Clinton wins the election in the U.S.

December 25th 1992: The couple spends Christmas at Leah’s; Emma Redpine, a family friend of Dominick's, announces she's pregnant.

January 2nd, 1993: Dominick and Leah go to Kresge's Goods (a fictional name for K-Mart) and are confronted by Luke, who works there, again. His manager, Nathan Andrews (Jason's distant friend, Shirley's, father) diffuses the situation.

January 9th, 1993: Leonard's parent's divorce is finalized.

May 23rd, 1993: Jason unwittingly time-travels to this date to observe the birth of his ex-girlfriend, Mae Emma Redpine.

August 29th, 1994: Tyler is born to Dominick and Leah.

November 11th, 1995: Leonard unwittingly time-travels to this date to observe his father's apparently happy new marriage and step daughter (which turns out to be his ex-girlfriend Iris).

Summer 1997: Dominick and Leah watch over Tyler lovingly as he watches TV and realize everything’s going to be just fine. Conclusion of Dominick & Leah.

Spring 1998: Kresge’s Goods shuts down in Canadian territories thanks to Ralph Kraut’s purchasing of the Canadian chain, laying off Nathan Andrews.

May 26th, 2012: Jason, Leonard, John, and Brian all test out John and his friend (also named John)'s new time-converter device and unwittingly end up time-travelling to dates dictated by a supernatural force, a highly-cultured, distinguished debate society calling themselves the High Society of Iced-Tea Drinkers.

Summer 2013: Leonard moves to Toronto.

March 31st, 2014: Tyler, aged nineteen, marries Iris, Leonard’s old ex-girlfriend after conceiving a child with her a week earlier.

January 8th ,2015: Derrick Melton, grandson of Dominick and Leah, son to Tyler and Iris, is born a week and a half late.

2016: The Foreign Business Act is passed by the Sterling government, implementing limitations on uncontrolled, massive foreign corporate expansions in the country.

June 22nd, 2027: Tyler and Iris’s divorce is finalized; Iris leaves and takes Derrick to British Columbia with her.

Late 2033: The Foreign Business Act is nullified by government MP David Redpine, allowing foreign businesses to buy out Canadian-owned companies at their own generous expense. American entrepreneur Ralph Kraut jumps at this opportunity and buys out the Donald’s Foods restaurant chain.

November 5th, 2033: Shirley Andrews, now almost middle-aged, comes home after appearing in a play; beginning of Is It Like Today?

December 21st, 2033: Jason and Shawn re-build Jason’s desk device for the first time in decades, and both revisit the 4th dimension Shawn would get his discounted tea bags from; Jason would recount it as bright and warm, and having a huge sense of purpose and strive.

December 23rd, 2033: Almost every major and minor character from each story, from Jason, Leonard and The Johns, to Dominick and Leah, from Tyler and Derrick and Shirley to Mitchell Bowen and Nathan Andrews, converges at the Merivale Donald’s Foods for one final, happy, major reunion and send-off to the Donald’s Foods location they’d happily patronized over the past sixty or so years, prior to its closing the next day (thanks again to Ralph Kraut, who jumped on the opportunity to close most of the locations in order to turn them into fast-food places called ‘McDonalds’).

December 24th, 2033: After seventy-two years, the Merivale Donald's Foods closes down, pending renovations and rebranding the following year. Kraut decides to take the new McDonalds idea international and opens up branches in the States and Europe over the next ten years.

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