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Justin Campbell Justin Campbell
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Appendix B

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Major characters

Sunglasses, Time-Travel, & Iced Tea

Jason would continue to live out his life as a writer, chiefly, while taking aerial photos as a hobby. He would become a minor known-author in Canadian literature with titles such as Smooth Going, The Girl with the Pink Sunglasses, and the popular book, The High Society of Iced-Tea Drinkers. He would eventually pass away at the age of ninety-one with three children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Would retire at the age of fifty-six from photography studio management and spent the rest of his days driving around a perpetual-motion-based version of his Impala thanks to the contributions of John Wharton. A vehicular collision at the age of seventy-two would leave him partially disabled, with his wife to look after him. His children would grow to become an insurance broker and a stock market investor, respectively. He would die at the age of eighty-seven with his wife by his side.

John Paiten:
Like Mitchell Bowen, he would continue photography until his mid-eighties, when he finally retired and spent his remaining time with Psycho Country, on their final reunion tour. The band would end up rushing him to a nearby hospital at the end of their final performance, where he would die from a severe stroke at the age of eighty-four.

The High Society of Iced-Tea Drinkers:
They would continue to appear in endlessly different forms to every living human being from the dawn of time to the end of it. When the end of human history eventually prevailed, the four of them finally ran out of Nestea drinking crystals, and were left wondering what to do with their perpetual lives; no one was on hand to talk to, to help them figure it out.

Would eventually have a child with his wife in his mid-forties, helping to supervise the birth as a male nurse. He would retire at the age of sixty-nine and would be forever known and remembered as a positive role model to Jason's, Leonard's, and Tyler's children and everyone around him. His son, Mitch, would ensure a two-thumbs-up was inscribed on his father's gravestone after he died at ninety-eight, as well as his paternal grandmother's, when she died at ninety-three.

John Wharton:
Afraid of dying as he got older, he worked hard at inventing an immortality machine, or something equivalent such as a time-reverse machine for the human body. He would somewhat be successful, creating a biochemical practice that replaced aging organs in the human body with ageless synthetic ones (as well as coming up with research on how to cure certain diseases) but as he aged and travelled the world, he eventually became bored, hardened and sad, and performed his own (humane) death at the age of two-hundred. He would be the first real-life bicentennial man.

Dominick & Leah

Would continue his consulting business with wife Leah until retiring at age sixty-five; would live out his retirement traveling to Florida every year with Leah, and maintaining a large property with her near the village of Kars. He would die at the age of ninety-two, with Leah, Brian, Tyler and Derrick by his side.

She too would retire with her husband and spend the remainder of her life travelling to Florida and maintaining their property, gardening. She would die eight months after Dominick, at the same age, ninety-two.

Leah's mother would retire from being a midwife at the age of sixty-six and regularly visit her daughter and Dominick, while sometimes babysitting their son Tyler who loved being looked after by her. She would end up in a long-term relationship with a man named August, and they would live together until her death at the age of seventy-eight.

Dominick's sister would eventually find her soulmate at the age of twenty-nine, marry, and have three children - Evan, Ian, and Lily - and work as a civil servant in the Federal Government, in Public Works. She would quit at forty-five and join Dominick's consulting business, retiring at fifty-six. She would become a grandmother at the age of sixty-two and enjoy hosting family dinners with Dominick, Leah and Tyler, finally passing away at the age of eighty-three.

After quitting Kresge's Goods, his mother would send him to his father in Edmonton, where he would go on to work in the oilfields for the remainder of his career. He would have a child with a one-night stand and spend the next eighteen years reluctantly paying child support and occasionally looking after the child, who was named Mark; he would go on to intensely dislike his father as he grew up, thanks in part to his mother and in part to Luke's critical fathering approach. He would die at the age of seventy-six, almost six years after his retirement.

Patrick & Elizabeth Melton:
Would both retire at fifty-eight and look after Dominick and Heather's children now and then. Patrick would die at eighty-six of prostrate cancer. When Elizabeth herself was on her death bed at eighty years old, she did one last thing for her sister, Alison.
She gave her a two-thumbs up and a genuine smile.

Let the Good Times Roll

Elmer Greene:
Would stay in the courier business his entire career, eventually owning the company he worked for. Would reconnect with Mitchell Bowen after he had his first child with wife Heather (no relation to Dominick). He would have two children with her, retiring at sixty-two. He would be guest speaker at the final Donald's Foods reunion, having been present at the building's grand opening seventy-two years prior, as a six-year-old. He would pass away at eighty-one, when walking across an intersection; ironically, a courier of his own company, late for a delivery and rushing into the right-turn lane, failed to see him in time.

Is it Like Today?

Would finish work on a film production, and continue to act in local and national plays and musicals, while guest-starring in the odd television program. With her extensive experience in the industry and long list of roles and filmography, she would earn an award for her contribution to the art in Canada; eventually she would retire from constant acting roles and become a drama professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, where she would fall in love with a fellow professor and have two children with him. She would also introduce Alanna to Tyler (who was going through minor depression) and would, in time, look after their daughter now and then. She would finally pass away at the age of ninety-three, with all her friends, her husband, and two sons at her side.

He would remarry, to a girl named Alanna, to Jason's chagrin as he'd once known her. They would have a girl named Tiffany and Derrick would enjoy looking after her when he moved back to Ottawa with his new wife. Shirley would also look after her now and then as she retired to Ottawa and kept in contact.

Would grow up to work in marketing as a graphic designer and marry a long-time girlfriend. They would move back to Ottawa and raise two children, a girl and a boy named Shirley and Jason, respectively. After retiring at sixty years of age, he would spend the next fifteen years of his life looking after his grandchildren and travelling. Would pass away at eighty five.

As a gift, Jason would give Shawn his original desk vehicle, because he knew Shawn would like it more and have a better use for it than he did. As a result, he spent half his time hanging out in the fourth dimension and the other half working for the museum. He eventually retired with a good pension, but he would live the remainder of his life in the fourth dimension with Lennox and Adrian, patronizing their tea shop every day. It contributed to his good health and longevity as well. When he died at eighty-eight, they respectfully sent his body back to Jason in his desk device, and a large funeral was attended by everyone who knew him, both here as well as in the fourth dimension.

Minor Characters:

Jason's skateboarding friend, Greg would end up becoming a minor actor in much the same vein as his mentor, Mr. Lee. His first starring role was in a comic-book-inspired Melvin Tish film Houserats. He would win a couple of Academy Awards later in his life for supporting roles in other Melvin Tish films and teach part-time at a community centre, improving the skateboarding skils of those between the ages of 12 and 18 by 30%. He would die at the age of eighty-eight.

Brent would move away from John Wharton's neighborhood in 2013 and spend his career as an office manager, known for his immature humor and over-the-top interest in his friendships with his subordinates; he would end up the subject of a nine-year documentary about life in the Canadian workplace. He would die of natural causes at seventy-seven.

Imad would become an engineer for a high-tech company in Ottawa, specializing in the execution of the practical aspect of aerospace experiments. He would be contracted by John Wharton from time to time, particularly if the work required welding, website building, or the execution of authentic Arabic dishes. He would also write a few books on the Arabic language, and its history.

Duncan would go to work for the government on environmental initiatives and keep in contact with Jason. He would retire in his mid-sixties and die in a plane crash at the age of seventy-two.

With his interest in politics, after finishing political science in university, Daniel worked in varying departments in the Federal government, largely immigration, before ending up at Foreign Affairs and finally acheiving his dream to become a diplomat. With his wife, Stacy, and their four children, he would be posted to Denmark, Russia, and then the Ukraine over a period of years. He would stay connected to foreign affairs throughout his eventual retirement and give political commentary on issues whenever they arose, sometimes appearing on news programs. Would pass away at ninety years of age.

Mitchell Bowen:
After college, Mitchell Bowen become a photographer working with the City of Ottawa and the City of Nepean, while also working part-time as a teacher at Algonquin College. Known for his long hair, he was a helpful and popular presence around the school and the offices of the city. He incorporated a photography business in 1982 with his wife. He was also friends with Elmer Greene, from childhood. In the mid-2000s, after his hair had rapidly left his head acrimoniously, he decided to become a full-time teacher in the photography program he'd graduated from in the late 70s, and would go on to teach Leonard, Jason and John in 2011-2013. In 2018, he'd retire at sixty-five from teaching, but continued to take photos part-time. He would be hired to take images of the Donald's Foods reunion in 2033. He would die, with a son, grandson, and wife by his side, at the age of ninety-three.

Nathan Andrews:
Nathan would graduate from college with a diploma in hotel management, but he ended up liking the atmosphere and job he had at Kresge's Goods so much that he worked hard to move up the employment hierarchy there, marrying and having a child, Shirley, in the process. He hired Luke and later Dominick. Having reached the position of assistant manager and content, he was jarred out of his career by Ralph Kraut, who purchased the chain and closed all of the Canadian stores in 1998. Afterward, he put his diploma to work and worked as the manager of a hotel in Kanata, while going through a divorce from his wife; he received primary custody of his daughter Shirley. Nathan would retire at sixty-eight and finally move into a nursing home at the age of seventy-four. The same year, he'd attend the Donald's Foods reunion and send-off, meeting Dominick again. He would pass away at eighty-one, with Shirley by his side.

Dean began working in the photolab of the Kresge's Goods on Merivale in 1967, the year that it opened, at the age of twenty-four, and would go on to develop the Melton families' photos for the next two decades, particularly images of Dominick and sister Heather. He would later help Dominick get a job there in 1993, and would retire the year Kraut closed it, in 1998, to live with his son. He would die in 2018, at the age of seventy-five, in a nursing home.

A classmate of Dominick and Leah's, he would drop out by the end of the second semester to try radio broadcasting; he failed the first year but managed to retake it and pass, eventually becoming the radio persona 'Charlie who Survived the Chocolate Factory Dickens' on contemporary hit radio in the Ottawa area. In 2014, he received an honorary degree from Algonquin College, which he accepted with his wife and daughters. He would stay in radio broadcasting until his forties, where he went upper-level, and retired at sixty-eight. He would die at the age of eighty-five.

Glenn Morin:
Morin, having graduated from radio broadcasting at Algonquin in 1981, went into the newsradio world and started as a researcher for the CBO-FM radio station; he would move up to become a producer for some of its programs. He would speak at Algonquin in 1989, causing then-student Dominick to doubt his participation in the radio broadcasting program, and by the early 90s he was offered a management position at Chum in Toronto, choosing that over his wife (whom he married in 1985) and son, Leonard. He returned to Ottawa in 1994 to manage operations at the Ottawa outlet of CBC Radio-1, and eventually became a high-powered executive at CTVGlobemedia before switching to Shaw Communications in the early 2010s. Moving to Calgary for the position with his second wife, Mariam, his adopted daughter Iris moved out on her own in response. He would retire at the age of seventy, and would pass away at the age of seventy-three from a heart attack, a week after he voted for David Redpine's political party in the Federal election.

The daughter of Miriam, she spent her life largely dissatisfied and bored, and hardly able to tolerate her adoptive father, Glenn Morin. After her breakup with Leonard, she spent two years keeping to herself until she saw Tyler in March of 2014 as a customer at her job (she worked at a convenience store); after approaching him and asking him out, she introduced him to intimacy, and concieved their child, Derrick, in the process. Feeling responsible, they both decided to stay together for the unborn baby, but Iris's indecisive and flighty personality, plus her disinterested attitude, led to a boring and empty marriage that would last for thirteen years. After moving to British Columbia with her son to try all over again, she fell into the same bored disinterest, living out a lethargic life that worsened when she returned to smoking. She would die of lung disease at the age of sixty-six, with Derrick at her side.

David Redpine:
A precocious boy that Dominick used to babysit, he is the first son of Emma and Lyle Redpine. David would excell at school, work hard, and enjoy being challenged, ending up in the gifted program. After taking administration, international relations, political science, law, and interpretive dance at the University of Ottawa and Western University, he became a politician working for the Ottawa city council before rapidly moving up into the provincial legislature. He immediately became known for his quick honesty and blunt aggressiveness, and stood in the federal elections for the Nepean-Carleton riding in the Conservative Party. His party would win by a landslide in 2029 and he would win against his opponent by a margin of two votes - Dominick's, who wanted to support the kid he once knew, and Glenn Morin, who supported his entire platform and personage. He would manage to stay in the cabinet for eight years as finance minister before losing to the Liberal opponent in 2037; he would return to being a provincial politician before retiring at the age of sixty-nine, enjoying his free time by dancing in competitions with his wife (and winning most of them). He died of natural causes at eighty-four after producing two memoirs (neither of which mentions Dominick as being a past part of his life).

Mae Redpine:
Jason's first girlfriend, though via an almost online-based communication basis. She is the younger brother of David's and like him liked to challenge herself and study, but never got into the gifted program in school. After her parents divorced and she was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, her mother re-married and they moved to Edmonton the same year David graduated from Ottawa U. and moved out on his own; she developed a crush on Jason before she moved and they had an online-based relationship before she realized she just wanted attention. Lacking common sense, self-knowledge, and the will to be independent, she went through difficult social situations in high school and university, wrestled with her sexual orientation (she couldn't figure out what it was or who to listen to) and eventually became a small-time writer living in Toronto, with her older brother's help and financial aid after her mother passed away. She would go on to produce several anthologies of short poems and a few short stories before passing away at seventy-five, leaving five cats. Despite her talk with the High Society of Iced-Tea Drinkers at the age of nineteen, she was part of the 4% of human individuals they never managed to get 100% sense to in their talks and later influential reminders.

Ralph Kraut:
The son of a wealthy home builder, Kraut was born in New York City and inherited all his father's money when he prematurely passed away while he was in his early 20s, and chose the career path that seemed both the easiest and the most intuitive - entrepreneurship. Using his ability to talk and string out words, he proved his proficiency at making deals and growing businesses or their potential at the young age of thirty-three. At thirty-eight, using his father's money as well as his own net worth, he was able to talk Kresge's Goods into being bought out, wherein he converted the logo, changed its practices and expenses, and restructured the company completely, deciding that it should withdraw from Canada. He would continue to help out small businesses and give 15% of his resulting profits to charities around the world as a thank you to the wonderful life he felt God had given him, and would eventually go on to purchase all-Canadian chain Donald's Foods in 2033. Thanks to David Redpine's abolishing of the foreign business law, the two would become good friends in the process as Kraut praised his newfound happiness at what he saw as Canada's open hospitality and pathetic desperation.
He would pass away at the age of eighty-one, but would be forever remembered at length in David Redpine's second memoir.

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